Grey Cup: No More Room For Names

Could the Grey Cup be heading for a whole new look?

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I can't see them making any changes to it.More then likely they we retire a section to the CFL hall of fame.Just like the NHL did with the Stanely Cup a few years ago.

After that, major surgery is expected. The Grey Cup is not like the Stanley Cup, where the horizontal rings can be removed and retired permanently to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Grey Cup's plates are vertical. Removing one would destroy the whole continuity.
Reading is fun! :D

The trophy should be returned to its rightful owners, The Canadian Amateur Rugby Union!

Well, I guess its too hard to deduce that you could make new plates and put the old ones into the Canadian HOF... :roll:

Exactly the point I was trying to get across.

ya but that kinda sucks for the current champs and teams of just a few past seasons. get the flory tosee it place in the hall. i woudl want my name on the actual cup as long as possible

Well they could just retire the current Grey Cup to the hall of fame and start a whole new cup with tones of room for the names of players