Grey Cup new home

Just clicked on some stuff on TSN website and their promoting that their the home of the Grey Cup in 2008.

And the body of the CBC isn't even cold yet... wonder if they bring Walby aboard...

Hope they bring Benefield thats all I can say.

You don't care for Khyena Jones... he always has a good laugh during the game... and I mean always...

Benefield is ok...its funny how the 2 stand-ins Gass & Burris basically stole the show in both telecasts.

Hes ok stick him with someone else. I think that most of the guys are good but just not in the right combinations. I would also put 3 guys in the booth. My 3 would be Dunnigan Bennefield and Suitor. Dunnigan and Bennefield could pick on him.

Khari Jones has got to keep his biases to himself. I know he bleeds Bomber Blue, but if he is doing the colour comm. next week, he must show excitement for both teams. Now having said that , it probably is Chris Walby, with Khari doing the field reporting. both Blue Bomber Alum. Next year, I will miss the comments of Freyer,Friedman,Bennefield and their Guests. Never minded having the mix of CBC and TSN.
I wonder how many tickets for GC will now be for sale on E-Bay?

Im wondering about the ratings BC and Ontario teams not being there and the Als sucked they could be low.

Steve Armitage will probably go back to his real job calling Olympic events. I'd like to see McManus stick around and not get bumped. He has interesting insights and sheds light on strange nuances in the game.

I like Frer too, I think he and Climie would butt heads, and Friedman seems to carry the panel better than Randworf. Shultz and Walby should battle for that gruff lineman perspective, but then again Walby does colour.

Agreed, Smilin' Hanky should end his career early and get into broadcasting, easily a natural.

As for GC tix... Vancouver did pretty good in '05 even tho the Leos didn't make it to the show, but I remember seeing patches of blue seats in the upper deck. They called the game a "sellout"

Honestly, no one from the CBC stands out in my mind. If TSN decides to maybe pick up one or two guys, hey, whatever, but I think they're pretty much set over there.

Burris was great, I wouldn't mind seeing him back after he retires.

Khari needs to pick up a thesaurus. Every single time he started talking, the first word was "Yeah".

We so wanted a button to get stadium sound that game.

Burris has always been a good interveiw, his comments were bright and to the point. Definitely the best guest they've had this year. GO BLUE!!!!

For sure, really enjoyed Burris on there!

Lets hope not! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

They've been running tv ads with that for about a week now too. It sort of seems like they're saying, "Hey, you can't watch the playoffs here this year...but keep supporting the CFL. And next year, we're gonna do it up right!"

Hopefully they don't bring Walby along...