Grey Cup Needs Covered Stadium

The most important game of the year should be played in a city that has a covered stadium.There is just too much going for both teams that they deserve an excellent place to play.This means that the Grey Cup game would take place in Montreal,Toronto and Vancouver.The weather will be of course excellent.I have some concerns about the game this year in Winnipeg.We should all pray that Winnipeg will be blessed with good weather.With the climate in Winnipeg,prayers will be needed.I can remember several years when the cup was played in horrible weather.There was the mud bowl,the fog bowl and I remember a Grey Cup played in Calgary with fierce winds,very cold etc.and this one particular game[Montreal vs Edmonton] was decided by a field goal that was not made largely because of the weather.I remember a game with the same two teams in Montreal when The Big Owe was not covered-it was The Ice Bowl and the game was won by Montreal when the Als stapled extra cleats to their feet which gave the Als the biggest of breaks.I can also remember when the game was played in Southern Ontario[which has usually good weather this time of the year] and the field in Hamilton was wet,icy and full of snow which fell heavily during the game.We should not put the most important game of the year in a place which can be ruined by horrible weather.The Super Bowl is always played in a good climate so should the Grey Cup.


Part of the fun of football is battling the elements.

Hogwash. Its that type of weather which makes the game great. It might be cold for some fans who attend the game, but really, its how football was meant to be played, to seperate the men from the boys. I would LOVE to see a Super Bowl played at Lambeau, the team that toughs it out the best would be a deserving SB champ, just as the GC winner this year is the team that will adjust to any kind of adverse weather conditions, if there are any at Canad-Inns this November.

Agreed, jm. And that's the one thing, in my opinion, that puts the Grey Cup head and shoulders over the Super Bore: we allow the elements be a factor in the championship game.

With the NFL, the Super Bore is always in some sunny locale or a domed stadium. It makes the game look too sterile. In the CFL, some of the greatest Grey Cup matchups have taken place in adverse conditions: the Mud Bowl and Fog Bowl of the '50s, The Ice Bowl at the Big "Uh-Oh" in '77 (before they fitted the roof), and the classic Snow Bowl at Ivor Wynne in 1996.

Sometimes the weather throwing you a curve will result in a football classic for the ages.

Totally agree with jm02 on this one. although the trandra ground as been an issue in the past, it has been replaced by field turf, which works wondefully in bad weather, and heckm the game has been planed around the cold (heat pads for the players) and wind (coin toss, onside punts), and I presonally love to see players battle the weather and the other team as well.

As a guy from NFL flims (yeah yeah, I know, but it's a good qoute) once said "This is football, and the show must go on, no matter what the weather".

and Winnipeg needs the Grey Cup this year, and as much as I wish all stadiums in the CFL can be indoor stadiums, that's just not gonna happen.

The popsicle bowl will be ok with all that bomberfan hot air happening you will not notice the cold!

If ever it happens that is only snows on 1 team I will agree with you. Untill then bad weather makes for great games

Boy the have really been coming out of the woodwork over the past few weeks.

What next? Rain delays? Our lets only have the play offs in covered stadiums?

Where are all these morons coming from? Without all these cities that do not have covered stadiums, there would be no CFL! How about no football in Toronto during the summer! That humidity is more dangerous than a little cold!

Agreed, football is meant to be played in any weather. Football players are not wimps that need to call a game because it's a little cold or wet...unlike baseball players.

Hasn't been outdoors for a few years now, should be a good one. Prepare for 35 below and a couple feet of snow.. if we're lucky.

Look, from a pure monetary standpoint, the AFC and NFC finals are probably equally, if not more, financially important and guess what - these finals can be played in cold weather in the middle of January for christ sakes in Buffalo or Green Bay. We Canadians can play our Grey Cup game at the end of November in an open air stadium. Yes, some years there will be snow and bad footing but so be it, it is just part of Canadian football and should be forever and ever. Not that I have a problem with playing the big game indoors where this exists, fine, but also outdoors where this exists.

From a fans stand point, I dont mind watching it outdoors, but it would be nice to start the game a bit earlier so you can sit in sunshine, its only going to get colder after sunset.


wow i love this, 1 idiot being destroyed by everyone else on the forums lol. The GCV in winnipeg will be amazing. I have gotten the chance to play in the winter in that stadium in the WHSFL. and man that place is a freaking wind tunnel. The wind is bruital and just adds to the cold. and to make a point the games like that that i had in the stadium are some of my favorite. i think all GCs should bne outside.

I hate this "Big City" menatlity. Anyone that thinks that only Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal deserve to host the Grey Cup has been inhaling too much smog.

The CFL lives on the prairies. It was the stability of the prairie teams that helped to keep the CFL afloat during the dark years.

We should be rewarded with more Grey Cup games if anything :roll:

Maybe they should take out big players too. That's an unfair advantage.
Wah wah, cold weather, wah wah.
Both teams play on the same field in the same conditions. If Saskatchewan can back them into a freezing cold park for the Grey Cup, and host a WAY BETTER PARTY than Toronto ever could, then every team deserves the chance to host the Grey Cup.
If cold weather bothers you, you're not a CFL fan. Go take up cross stitching or something like that.
BTW Toronto will host the worst Grey Cup in a decade when it's there turn. Thankfully the CFL fans who attend from all over Canada (and Baltimore) will somewhat salvage the event.

BTW, the NFL hosts their big game in domes or in warm climates for the half-time act and the fans, not for the game. Or doesn't it rain in Miami, San Diego, etc...

Another factor is the parties and you can take it from me, I have been to the Grey Cup on many occasions and I can tell you that of the Cities I have been to for the Grey Cup. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have, in that order been the worst over-all spectacles. The games I attended in Calgary, Edmonton and Regina would be hard to pick as to which one was the best but suffice to say they were all fantastic and were a spectacle which the entire city got involved. Ottawa put on a great show as well, just slightly lower that the top 3.

I didn't have the pleasure of attending in Hamilton although judging from the Hamilton fans that have been at the games I did attend, it had to have been a hoot (Ti-Cat fans are in a different league when it comes to partying). I unfortunately will not be able to attend this year but I am confident that Winnipeg will be out of this World (there is something about the community owned teams and their parties).

Bottom line is a dome doesn't necesarily mean a good show.

I also agree totally with an earlier comment about playing the game earlier in the day. It makes absolutely no sense to me to wait until the temperature drops.

start times have everything to do with prime time ratings (and we all know the Grey Cup is the most watched sporting event in Canada)
that said, remember the year the dunderheads at CBC and the CFL aired the east semifinal, from in a dome, in the afternoon, and the west semifinal, featuring riders at wpg, in the evening?
didn't help ticket sales in wpg (though their fans likely knew the Riders were going to win that game). cold night for football. get those games done in the afternoon. Grey Cup could have a somewhat earlier start. but its all ratings baby. and selling those ads.



Agree! I think it was in Tom Wrights first or second year that he was out west for a playoff game which was played at night. He commented that it made sense to switch the east and west game times to avoid playing in the colder night.

Shakes my head... still trying to put forward your idiotic idea of a 14 game schedule RK? A GC game on New Year's what concept! A six game pre-season yet as well? RK, ask ANY football player if he wants to play six meaningless games and he might spike you into the ground. I thought KK had bad ideas, but his have merit to them now that Ive seen your lame suggestions. Happy New Year! :lol: :roll: