Grey Cup Naming Rights

I for one will be very dissapointed if the sell the rights to league championship game. They are selling enough of the league leave the Grey Cup alone.

I couldn't agree more Reverend, oh and it has come to my attention after reading an artical by Steven Brunt, that the ARGOS have the Grey Cup in 2012 which happens to be the 100th Anniversary !!!!


I’m assuming the silverware itself wouldn’t be re-named…just the event.


The 2016(your name here)Grey Cup Game

We already do it in the playoffs…

I voted yes! :cowboy:

No one will ever re-name the Grey Cup trophy itself.

But selling the naming rights to the Game itself, such as "The Lulu Grey Cup Game", maybe. :wink:

Provided it is for enough money to bring financial stability to the league. Enough to assure our Ottawa fans of a reliable return to Frank Clair stadium.

Is the article on the internet somewhere? And if so can you post a link..

if its sold for anything less then $10 million, then HECK NO...

more then $10MIll...then SURE, aslong as it has a nice ring to it.

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Trophy donated by Earl of Grey, therefore:
1. Approach distributors of tea re the following:
2. We could have the "Earl Grey Tea Cup", preceded by the name of the distributor, e.g.
"Twinings Earl Grey Tea Cup".

The only other tie-in ?
"The Acme Athletic Supporter (Grey) Cup."

Maybe Tim Horton's folks can come up with something.

Unfortunatley TV money for the CFL is not equivilent what other sports Leagues get. If a 10 Million annual purse helps the League and players, I'm all for it.

As for Toronto getting the 2012 Grey Cup (100th). Why not?

It's the biggest market in the Country, and advertising money will be at an all time high because of the signifigance of the event. 100th anything is a remarkable milestone.

I can't believe this! (And I actually checked out the link). This is downright disgusting! How can they be awarded both the 2007 AND the 2012? As a CFL and more importantly a Ticat fan....I PROTEST!

Not even the Grey Poupon Cup?

Sorry Captain- look at that mustard. It just won't do. It's made with white WINE! Now, based upon what goes on at most stadia, if it was made with beer.....


Well what else goes with football?


How about, when promoting the next X-Men movie, the Jean Grey Cup?

I want to say that what I wrote was in the heat of the moment and if anyone thought I was writing anything other than what I meant to write well that's just the way it is.

There..... is that enough of an apology for you? (It was for the Argos.)

Oh... and if a bus company sponsored it we might have the GREYhound CUP

I don't like this format because to me it focuses too much attention on the sponsor because the sponsor's name is first. This kind of thing is very noticeable in NCAA bowl games. Such as the FedEx Orange Bowl, the Nokia Sugar Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl etc.

However, the Rose Bowl didn't want this to happen, it wanted to be known first and foremost as the Rose Bowl and so it decided that when it got a sponsor the game is presented as:

"The Rose Bowl presented by (sponsor)."

I'd be much happier if the league got a sponsor for the Grey Cup and used this kind of format.

I can tell you a lot of sponsors of college bowl games because their name comes first, but I can't tell you the Rose Bowl's sponsor. This way the Rose Bowl doesn't lose any name recognition.

Having said that, based on the ridiculous emphasis on "Scotiabank" in the East and West final logos I'm pretty sure the league will sell the naming rights and the Grey Cup will be called the SPONSOR Grey Cup.

If it helps keep the league afloat, I'm all for it.

An Argo fan

Of course the sponsor's name will come first ... and what you said about not knowing who sponsors the Rose Bowl demonstrates why. As a business person, I would never lay out huge marketing dollars if I wasn't going to get some bang for my buck. I realize the CFL could use the money, but somehow it just cheapens the tradition of the Grey Cup to me, so I hope it doesn't happen.

Well according to the comerical the employees love the Arrrgooooss...but I would think the "Scotiabank Grey Cup" has a nice ka-ching to it, if its worth $10,000,000 to the teams each year.