Grey Cup Music Festival price$

Do you think the Event Organizers (CFL/Ticats) out priced the Fans? With only half the seats sold for ‘presale’ we’ll see how the ‘general public’ on sale goes (tomorrow)!

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I have a few friends that picked up tickets (all who are not going to the game).

But truly Hamilton is not a country city. This is not Western Canada.

No chance. She’s a world class act.

:sunglasses: You’re right. Compared to some of these other so called “World Class performers”,
the top prices to see Carrie are actually much cheaper than to be expected !!!


Green Day is the Grey Cup Half-time Act


Hamilton did host the CCMA country music awards but your right, the honky tonk :cowboy_hat_face: is stronger in the West!

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For a World Class performer you’d think she would sell out :stadium: :chart_with_downwards_trend: for “cheaper than to be expected … top prices” :man_shrugging:t2:

Hamilton might not be a “Country City” but I believe Shania Twain is from Ontario so at least the West can’t claim to have all the country stars.

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sudbury or the sault, forget which one.

edit: says Windsor.


(either I’m getting old, or I’m confused, as I swore she was a northern girl, lol)

edit #2: Ok, she grew up in Timmins. Not completely insane - yet.

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Was it the Toronto Grey Cup Committee from 2016 responsible for setting the price for tickets? Cause they are ridiculous. I smell a Pizza Pizza promotion coming on

Many Canadian Country singers are from Ontario .

  • The Reklaws
    -Tim Hicks
    -Jade Eagleson
    -Owen Riegling
    -Jason Blaine
    -Nate Haller
    -Jason McCoy
  • Robyn Ottolini
    -Andrew Hyatt
    -River Town Saints

And many more

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