Grey Cup moved to December 12

The CFLs latest plan a 14 game season starting August 5 with the Grey Cup still here in the Hammer on December 12.

I assume this would be a record for the latest Grey Cup ever to be played?

We've got a decent shot at good football weather. Better than the prairies in November, anyway.

On December 12, the temperature in Hamilton typically ranges from -1 °C to 2 °C and is rarely below -9 °C or above 8 °C .

Average Weather on December 12 in Hamilton, Canada - Weather Spark

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Only by a day. There were Grey Cup games, at Varsity Stadium, on the 10th and 11th of December in the 1930's, but they would have been afternoon games, likely with warmer temperatures than we might feel, here.

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They could have cut 6 games out, and kept the same date. This way, the players get another two game cheques...

And hopefully the teams can get SOME revenue from people in the stands...


I believe the players took a 20% pay cut begrudgingly just to agree to some sort of a season.

It can still be a 12 game season if it's delayed again.

Kind of looking forward to a December Grey Cup and on to hopefully a joyous Christmas celebration.

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It's the CFL!!! I want a replay of 1996!!!!!!

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A couple of informative tweets, one on "fans in the stands," from Farhan Lalji@TSN:

"25% is a rough guideline that they're using in a majority of stadiums (for fan attendance)."

"A 3 week training camp with no pre-season is going to be very much on the table."

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IIRC, that was a "proposed" 20%-cut, and nothing was agreed upon. The only thing I've seen is the "spend to the cap floor" suggestion from the League; but I honestly see no real evidence of that (look at the blew team, for example). Of course, once all the player cuts are made...

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Sometimes the stats don't mean much. GC Hamilton 96, below freezing a snow storm, November. The chart also shows the coldest Dec 12 at minus 20
If there are no fans in the stands, it doesn't really matter.

If no fans in the stands then bring it down to Florida, play in Orlando, have a Canada Week at Disney and a showcase for the Grey Cup. Florida will allow fans in the stands. Probably a million Canadians in Florida by December anyway.

And play where exactly? A high school stadium?

Last I checked none of the college and university stadia can accommodate a Canadian regulation field.

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I have noticed that downtown hotels for the weekend of December 12 availability has disappeared for some already as no doubt organizers, the league and some of its sponsors have grabbed room blocks already.

Are you kidding Atlantic fan ?
Is Hamilton fans have been waiting for a grey cup since 1996 . 25 years.
We deserve a week long party in the hammer and our team is the #1 ranked team in the league in a weak eastern division so the chances of our team getting into the Grey Cup are very high. Ticats are everything to Hamilton and this would be dream come true if they made it to the cup game. The team has also made excellent plans for representing Hamilton and making us proud and not have to wait mother 25 years for another Grey Cup in the Hammer.
We also have a good chance at winning the game who h would be awesome

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I am not expecting a grey cup this year.

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