Grey Cup Monday

Pleased to say they'll be no issues watching the Grey Cup in Australia this year. ESPN Having decided to stop its coverage of the very important Puerto Rican Basketball Tournament for a few hours only,to allow time for the game to be shown live.

Me and my few friends who follow the CFl and 'Cats in Australia are looking forward to our "Grey Cup Monday", beer, bacon and a day off work.
We'll be with you in spirit.

Eat 'em Raw

:thup: :thup:
:thup: :thup: :thup:

Nice to see ya back I was beginning to think that maybe ya jumped ship on us. I don't know how close you have been following this year,but believe me this years version of this team is 100% better than last years squad.Anyways nice to see ya cheering us on from Down under. Enjoy the game,your day off,your bacon,your beer and watch the boys bring back the Cup home to Hamilton,where it belongs. OSKI-WEE-WEE to ya mate GO CATS GO !!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I have the same struggles in reverse! Trying to watch my St. Kildas matchs here in Canada is next to impossible!

Hey mate, No no...won't be jumping ship anytime. I haven't posted much but I've been around, especially have enjoyed opposition boards too (the Larks one after the EF and the Argos after the last game against MTL) guilty pleasure :twisted: Been able to follow this season quite close, as I said ESPN has been showing a few games, tapered off with NFL and College Football starting up though. So I was no longer restricted to stats and hightlight reels! Shaky and heartbreaks early on but they came good.

That new stadium must be a cracker, 7-0, looking forward to seeing it myself next year!