Grey Cup Merchandise?

Anyone know of alternate sources for Grey Cup merch? I was in Hamilton but items seemed to be in short supply and what's listed online appears largely sold out. Even stock at the game (at least on my side of the stadium) was limited to Hamilton team items.

Do you know if they created pins for the 108th?

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Ti-Cat online store had pins. It's worth a look.

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Just had a look. Thanks! Seems to be more there than when I looked on my phone yesterday.

No pins though.

Maybe give them a call. The staff are super helpful and my guess is they have inventory to organize and some may show up. Good luck in the hunt!

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Its all made in China...... good luck seeing a bounty of goods

Where is all of the Grey Cup/CFL merchandise in Ohio? Ohio borders Canada. I don't get it...literally.

Here you go:

Yeah start supporting u,s. And Canadian companies, that’s the way to go cfl………….

Thanks for responding!

What I'm looking for is something comparable to a department store/drug store/grocery store place to literally see it, touch it, and buy it in person.

Yes, I'm aware of the online possibilities. Thanks again.

I don’t think the league has enough of a following or recognition anywhere down there to make sense for retailers to stock it. At one time the border cities would be able to catch games broadcast on the Canadian networks but now it seems to be buried on ESPN3.

I want a wall calendar and poster of the Alouette cheerleaders too. I probably won't get that either or ANY of my scheduling demands that I listed on another post anytime soon.