Grey Cup: Less than 500 tix left

Looking at ticketmaster, there are not many tickets left. Does this get reported? Nope, only negative, negative, negative when it comes to the CFL!!! :x :x

It has been a terrible two years for the league.. Braley hung on too long

I think you meant the title to read: Grey Cup still not sold out!

Get with the times, the CFL sky has been falling since before the globe started warming . . . err I mean since before the climate started changing. :lol:

I hope they give the 2017 Grey Cup to Ottawa. they'll sell it out no problem.

2018.. where will it go?

Selling out just over 30,000 tickets for a Grey Cup is not much to celebrate seeing it was a few short seasons ago that they were selling that many tickets by August.

Regular old sell outs aren't good enough anymore. We need to do it faster. Faster!!

Now if this game does sell out (looks like it will) without any late discounts and giveaways then it may be a sign of things to come price-wise. Weather the game sells out 6 months ahead of schedule or during the week of, the ticket revenue remains the same.

I guess I should budget around the same $$$ for BMO next year.

Negative, negative, negative. This is great news, a sell out is a sell out regardless of how fast.

1776 tickets left for G.C.

Will be gone by next Monday.

This. The tickets are expensive. To assume it would sell out quickly is too much to ask.

As soon as the teams are determined for GC they will get snapped up. Especially if Ottawa or Edmonton are in the game.


Paul Friesen writes for the Sun the Sun is crap I could care less what that idiot has to say ever.....Please do not post his BS figures in the forum again. Fact is there are very few tickets less. I am sick of people trying to kill my fun.

I agree he is an idiot but he is right on this one. They are holding a 1000 tickets back, I'm sure for tour groups and other groups who will need tickets.

Should be a good invasion from Ottawa and Edmonton at the last minute this week. All remaining tickets should sell out quick now. Just hope it won't be bone chilling cold next Sunday like in 1991, but more like when I went in 1998 (freak warm spell the day of the game and went up to +10C or so!) when Calgary and Hamilton were in the big game.

Considering that they cut the capacity, yeah it should probably be sold out by now. The prices have been to high since 2013.

Latest forecast is - 5 at kickoff with a slight breeze . Couldn't ask for much more !

There was a story on CTV newsworld yesterday on this years G.C ticket pricing and what a struggle it has been to sell them .
I checked last night on Ticketmaster after Ottawa and Edm. won and figured what was remaining would be snapped up reasonably quickly (and maybe they will be to-day going forward) but to me , it looked like they ( the G.C committee) are still adding empty seats that were not shown before on the matrix . And… according to the news story ,tons of folks who bought them are trying to dump them , which of course happens every year when the home team does not make it .

Maybe it's for the best. They can't price the Grey Cup out of the average person's price range and not have a backlash.