Grey Cup last sunday of OCTOBER, raise revenues , raise CAP

bring in Live music performances at half-time during regular season games, fill Commonwealth stadium every game, continue revenue sharing and for goodness sake get Ottawa a team and start the CFL pre-season Victoria Day so that we can get the Grey Cup delivered by Halloween instead of Christmas.

The CFL brass needs to get their heads out of the sand. It's silly to have games in November when it's -30Celcius. Global warming can't even put a dent into that. We don't live in Florida, so either get domes everywhere or fix the regular season and playoffs.

The weather is great Victoria Day, that should be the pre-season openner. What's the problem? Are you afraid of Baseball? No one watches baseball, we watch Football playoffs, not baseball.

I don't like games at -30 celsius. Being a hard line Western Conservative, Albertan, I much prefer games at -30 fahrenheit.

I wouldn't mind that too much. I know most of us are ready for football long before training camp starts. Fan support in some cities does drop off in late Oct if it's too frigid.

Another factor against starting the season earliler is leaving November solely to the NFL,then having them become more entrenched in our Fall season without any CFL competition.

The season is fine the way it is now, no need to change it.

i agree with the earlier season 100%

Current season is just fine, in fact for some of us too short.

I don't agree. I like football in the snow. It just wouldn't be the same having the Playoffs and Grey Cup in warmer temperatures.

u like football in the snow, yet your from toronto, so u never have to attend a live game in the snow...

Find me one Grey Cup game that was played in -30 deg Celsius

either way...if the season ends a month earlier, then it starts a month earlier....after NHL playoffs, and B4 the NFL season starts and b4 the NHL season really gets going.

move it in '08 to a may 24 weekend start!!!!

NFL starts first week in Sept!
NHL playoffs can end in June!

even if NFL starts in sept. thats only 2 months of head-to-head competition rather than 3, if the CFL ends late oct.

and doesnt NHL ONLY end in june in olympic years?
NHL reg.season ends april if playoffs last 2 months, its over very early june....and most canadian teams are out by then anyways, so most canadians stop watching.

Why would they move the season back to May to interfere with NHL playoffs???

This has got to be the stupidest idea I've ever heard. :lol:

If the NFL is afraid of competition...They can move!
NHL has ended in June in at least
2006,2004 and 2003

2 Questions

  1. How will raising the cap get more quality talent? raising the cap 10 fold will not make a difference!
  2. Where is the league supposed to get this money?

Sell, sell, sell out? If we do say the Halftime show brought to you by Molson, and past game show brought to you by Scotiabank and the 2008 Reebok Grey Cup game. The game itself will look more like an American production than the Super Bowl itself.

We like to watch games in the snow...just don't like to have to sit in the stands while we're watching. :lol:

Starting the season on May 24th would mean the league would be 2 or 3 weeks into the season before anyone would be paying attention because of the NHL playoffs.
Also, if you think playing in the November cold affects the game, imagine playing more games in the summer heat. If someone polled the players, I bet they would prefer the season the way it is now.

Why should the CFL increase it's salary cap after it just recently significantly raised it. Who are they competing with, the Arena League? Raising the cap will only make it more difficult for teams that struggle to financially compete now. The CFL only has 8 teams, so we really don't want to lose any.

the salary cap is, what, 53% of league revenues?

so when the league revenues go up cuz of the next TV deal, the cap will go up.

when the league revenues go up cuz of selling grey cup naming rights, the cap will go up again.

so it will go up, in time.