Grey Cup Is Ours!!!!


So are you saying the Riders will be caught with their pants down? :stuck_out_tongue:

Starting to get ugly in here... :lol:

As a Bomber fan living in Saskatchewan I must say I do not find the original post offensive by any means. It is commonplace and accepted for people of this province to urinate in a public place. Just the other morning I saw a lady in front of the Co-op urinating on a police-dog while an officer was handing out a ticket. That's why the police discourage the petting of their dogs.

I do admit however that the person depicted in the caption has a good aim of the gun considering the length of the barrel.

aye - the first post was smack not a flame. Love the avatar but I won't put the cart before the horse. The riders are going to lay one heckova beating on the bombers - but don't think anyone, not even the riders themselves is planning the parade just yet. Remember no one gave the riders a chance last Sunday :slight_smile:

That said it's the public urination in the prairies during the cold winters that has made them folks as tough as nails - either that or just plain crazy, not sure which lol

It actually looks like he missed the helmet. That is referred to as a Saskatchewan Martini. Thankfully, of all the Rider fans, there are only a few who appreciate that. That is food for the Bomber Locker room and if the Bombers win, You can thank Riderfan23. I sincerely hope this does get sent to the Bombers.

Rider fans are doing a lot of this all week end. :lol:

:) great game guys Bombers played tough maybe can do this all again next year. Remember its all in fun :)