Grey Cup is Gonna be a Gong Show!!!!!

Just announced on TSN.... Jake Ireland to be head ref.... The best team will probably not win because of this clown....He'll probably throw Calvillo out of the game during the opening coin toss... just to make up for screwing Calgary over this year....
The CFL talks about new blood in coaching staffs.... How bout some new blood in the refing department.... Get rid of the clown shoes and red round nose Ireland and RETIRE ALREADY.

So, when are you going to apply to be a CFL ref??

Lets see you show em how its done.

Or are you just talk??

YOu still haven't learned that Jake only announces the calls I see

Is it me, or is Blin in a mood tonight? Better lie down, man.

Maybe its because he announces the wrong ones! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I will most certainly have a stroke if my Stamps lose the GC on a bogus penalty call , or series of them. I'm praying the refs let'm play within reasonable limits and do NOT call every little holding call especially those on the other side of the field.

Go Stamps Go!!