Grey Cup in USA popularity soaring following GC '17

After reading Argos On ESPN, not sure you should bring up reality .

Grey Cup popularity in the US means zilch in the Toronto/GTA market without Rogers being part of the ownership of the Argos. And the fact is, this matters hugely to the long term success of the CFL.

Mirage is no…well, mirage. Grey Cup ratings on ESPN2 on Sunday were up 88% over last year! They averaged 237,000 viewers in the U.S. over the 4.5 hour duration of the game, pre-game and post-game shows…up from 126,000 last year. That’s a pretty good rating going up against NFL Sunday and portends for a growing popularity of the CFL across the U.S.

Link please. Otherwise, we no believa you face!

Excellent recognition from down south.

- 38 yrs old
- Massive underdog in the game
- Beat the team whom some thought was the best CFL team/QB in league
- Becomes winningest CFL QB ever

Congrats again Ricky Ray