Grey Cup in USA popularity soaring following GC '17

I see Domise's articles all the time. He's a one-trick pony, constantly crying about the same thing. People get enough politics at home watching the news. People are at football games for entertainment.

The vast majority of mentions of the Grey Cup game in the American media on Sunday night was not so much about the game but related to the 'Most Canadian thing ever' halftime show entrance on a dog sled by Shania Twain.

Well, if you say you're looking at the article and still refuse to post the link, I'm going to assume it's fake. Can't find anything anywhere. Please stop making things up.

^^ This.^^

As I said, let me know when U.S. viewership becomes a substantial revenue stream. Until then, who cares?

Growing viewership in the US is a huge deal. Fact is that if it starts growing legs (and it seems to be) that this is when sponsors will start wanting a piece of it.

I am not sure how someone can be upset to hear positive news on market penetration in the market that everyone in the world wants a piece of.

The thing that amuses me is that many in the US consider the CFL to be minor league. At the same time, 100000 people will pay significant amounts of money to attend college games in which maybe a handful of players on both teams will eventually play in the pros. The strong emotional investments that fans make in their teams renders the quality of play arguments meaningless. For interest in the CFL to grow in the USA, lots of people are going to need to become emotionally invested in the teams and players.

the ignorance of others get significant amount of time in canada/usa.

many americans hate the CFL and hockey.

many canadians hate basketball and the NFL.

At the end of the day. There are poor people/rich people, people who are smart, people who are dumb.

conclusion is most people don't care about other people so why do these same people care what the poor dumb people think about their own passion?

vast majority of mentions of the Grey Cup was 99% about the game. Not 1 mention was about the half time show. I actually do not know 1 mention about the half time show.

so you are wrong.

Olbermann and Strahan and the female GMA host talked about the game and though Olbermann folows the CFL he knew about the Stampeders back to back appearances and Strahan knew Bo Levi and Roy Finch and talked about how the weather impacted the game and how exciting the game was.

Yes, I am aware that they hide their unpatriotic protest behind a social justice cause.

It doesn't change the fact that they are protesting our Flag and National Anthem.

They have the right to do it, sure, and we have a right to protest their unpatriotic protest.

A lot of us are doing just that, so the CFL missed a golden opportunity to boost their USA ratings by reaching out to all of our wayward eyeballs.

That's their choice as well, I suppose. I already know about the CFL, so it's no skin off my back.

Argos fan, right?

Millennials. Everything is always about them. Except responsibility.
Then they don’t want it to be all about them.

Yeah, that's partially true.

A lot of fandom is driven by geography. So most of us follow our alma matter in College Football, as well as the nearest NFL team.

Most Americans have never been to Canada, and don't have much knowledge of Canadian Geography, let alone an affiliation with one of the CFL cities.

A lot of Americans also don't know how rich the history of the CFL is. They mostly just erroneously assume that it's some copycat league, that changed a few of the rules in order to make it quirky and Canadian.

Why is it that we have to get a thumbs up about CFL football from our American friends to the south?

Why do we have this inferiority complex about our game compared to theirs?

Canadian football has as much history as American football yet we find the need to get their approval?

Quite honestly, why should we give a Sh**?

Canadians lick up American content on a daily basis.
Balancing that scale isn’t a bad thing.

Never count that out. This is a business league, not a community charity. Today there is big money on the table at every corner. Not the 2 bit owners in Canada or USA of the past. If you were an owner today and had a chance of going big time and triple your investment. What would you do.
People hated Betman but not the owners. It will come!! Just to big!!!


Exactly. I am the exception to the rule and you won't find many like me. I latched onto Edmonton 10 years ago after being a diehard Redskins homer for my entire life of 50+ years. Now the only time I watch the NFL is when the CFL season ends. Never been to Edmonton, never even been to Canada....I enjoy the Canadian game far more, and going back to what was mentioned above about these kneeling protests - just another reason for me to turn my nose up at the NFL. IMHO, no one (Canadian or American) should have reason to think that the CFL product is anything sub-par or copycat or "minor league". The fact that a ton of these guys would rather be making big coin in an NFL uni isn't important to me because the Canadian game is a vastly different game in so many cool ways. That's what makes it exciting for me, anyway. I find it WAY more entertaining and I don't care about geography or homerism.

If US dollars are flowing in as a result of TV, then all the better. I watch on ESPN2 and 3. I usually watch the replays on I can do it at my leisure when I have time and that's a big plus for me. I watch live when I can. After all, it's not like anyone down here is going to spoil the outcome for me by spilling the beans about which team won or lost yesterday, if you follow what I mean. I catch a lot of crap for watching CFL, btw. Don't care. My response is always this - "just watch that stuff and give it a chance. It's a better deal, man. Way more entertaining."

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Carry on.

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Is this Mirage guy live in He definately has an active imagination either way.

I'm not sure it's possible to overstate the importance of CFL exposure to players. The more that know it and want to play it the better. It helps if family, scouts, coaches can actually watch them play.