Grey Cup in USA popularity soaring following GC '17

We will start with celebrities. About 100 celebrities have talked about the Grey Cup over the last day. The usual, Jim Carey/Martin Short/Tom Hanks.... even Leonardo DiCaprio was watching. Jimmy Fallon talked about the game as he is related to former CFL coach Al Bruno and grew up watching CFL with his family. Keith Olbermann and Chris Berman talked in length about how awesome it was to see a championship football game played in the snow.

ESPN radio opening on Monday had Grey Cup discussion. NFL Network and ESPN during the Monday Night Football coverage had mentions and highlights of the Grey Cup.

Next. We get into the Las Vegas scene. LVSC report 45% increase in Grey Cup betting from 2016. As well as Westgate Grey Cup party had over 400 in attendance. Game was being shown live wall to wall along with NFL Sunday Night game. Was told the audio was used for the entire 1st half and 4th quarter.

Bars/Airport viewing in the USA was extremely strong. Got a 4.2 rating. And across Canada got a 12.5 which is extremely strong. This means all the bars/lounges focused their business and got a strong return in hosting a Grey Cup viewing party.

For real, I could care less what the ratings, attention or talk is in the US.

I want Toronto to watch, talk and notice. Citizens and media.

Yes this is a concern and don't I know it here as fighting for our CFL virtually all my life.
However, if this thread is very relevant then the finances become very important with the league being able to strike a multi million dollar US TV contract with various carriers.

actually, if the CFL were to become noteworthy and popular enough in the USA to warrant increase USA media attention, then the people and media of Toronto might sit up and take notice and join in.

On the TV ratings thread Toronto/Hamilton had a 58% increase so Southern Ontario did take notice.

Getting anywhere near this kind of attention year round is the challenge.

Still, if there's a growing audience in a country of 330 million, can't see that being a bad thing. Likely will nevr have a team down there again but a bump, though nominal in media $$$ can't hurt.

The CFL commissioner said last week he hopes to double or triple league revenue. One avenue could be an expanded U.S. TV contract. It's no secret U.S. networks will throw around $50M like chump change to help the newest football league get a foothold in the market.

What could be a better option than the CFL which has 150 years of history in North America and is played professionally mainly by elite American players? Another plus is the CFL blows the NFL and just about every other sport out of water. The league's main problem is it's Canadian, so there's that.

There could become a time when more Americans watch the CFL than Canadians. Would that be bad?

3.6 million people in the extended Toronto TV market (nearly half the population) watched some or all of the 2012 Grey Cup (Argos vs. Stamps). That is 28% of the 13 million Canadians who watched the 100th Grey Cup.

With over 11 million Canadians watching some or all of the 2017 Grey Cup, that would equate to about 3 million viewers from Toronto watching the big game. It could be a little more, or less but a 58% increase in southern Ontario viewers is nothing to sneeze at!

2018 portends to be a HUGE year for the league. Training camps open in only 6 months!

That Calgary dominated the first half, and then only lost in the dying seconds is great for building excitement when compared to the NFL when, with 2 minutes left, you walk off the field; so of course any Yanks who watched would be thrilled to see a game come down to the last 15 seconds and still be up for grabs.

I could not believe that game when Pittsburgh (if I remember correctly) was down by a field goal but the other team got the ball with 2 minutes left and just grounded it 4 times. How exciting. Here I thought “ok, 2 minutes left, tons of time to march and kick a FG to tie.”

I watched the highlight video on UT and of course the typical comment “second rate players and in 4th rate league behind baseball, soccer and basketball” had to appear.

Amazing how many people tune in, when you actually put it on TV. :stuck_out_tongue:

All kidding aside, a lot of us have just had it with the NFL.

The CFL would've been wise to have blitzed the States with their product this year.

Rebrand the League as "Football without politics" and you'd've raked in a pretty good chunk of the eyeballs that are no longer tuning in to watch a bunch of spoiled brat millionaires protest our flag and National Anthem.

I've sure been doing my part, hyping it up.

Maybe you don't understand how TO rolls. Once they hear Americans watch the CFL they too will follow. TO is like a ventriloquist dummy. Someone else down south has their hand up their butt telling them what to think and do.

Let me know when it becomes a substantial revenue stream.

Any clips of these celebrities talking about the game, or did this all happen inside your head?

Lot of them have been open about it on social media. And it was on TSN radio this morning. I believe the Globe and Mail had a great article about the celebrities and the part with Martin Short having a Grey Cup party and Will Ferrell was at his party last year and couldn't make it but he watched it was a great read.

Short's party had photos posted. Apparently Short has been having GC parties for over 30 years. You could see 2 female members on SNL, Martin Sheen was there, Kevin Nealon, and one of the Wayans brothers. The actor from Cheers was here as well. And one of the guys from Seinfeld.

Ah, I guess the Globe and Mail just decided not to post the article online then eh? Print only? :wink:

no its online. Maybe check canoe sports slam/ CFL which is the newer one that is posted off 3rddown.

I can see over 32000 have read the page so it cant be hard to find.

keith olbermann was on Good Morning America monday talking about the Grey Cup with Michael Strahan and Regis Philbin. They were talking about Notre Dame and Tom Clements. And Olbermann were talking about how great the game was and how fun the halftime show was.

Olbermann posted a funny picture with him talking to Jay Onrait Sunday before the Grey Cup during the pregame show.

check it out

So you are saying TO, can not make the choice on their own ?

The US needs to do it for them ?

I think the attention the CFL gets in the US is over played.

Americans really only like NFL and NCAA.

One of the reasons the UFL failed.

Exactly. Sad but true.

All I can say is that I have not noticed any rise in popularity or such and TV broadcast is only until the NFL and NCAA get started....
And just because its on in a bar or airport doesn't mean a thing...most of these places NEVER change the channel or some employee was channel flipping and went "oh a game" and left it there.
It's kinda the same as in Canada when they show aussie rules football or cricket people watch cause its different