Grey Cup In the PEG

Does anyone know how many tickets they have sold for the Grey Cup yet, how big will they expand investor stadium. Also never been to a grey Cup in the PEG. Thinking about going, anyone got thoughts or have been to past Grey Cups in the Peg.

If you got a crap load of money then fill hour boots.. The game has 10000 available tickets that have not been bought by scalpers. There is going to be 15000 empty seats in a 40000 seat configeration. If you are smart, you will just show up and pick a free ticket off of the ground after the scalpers throw them in the air... This Grey Cup will hopefully be the wakeup call the CFL and the rest of this country needs to realize that you can fool some of the people some of the times ,but you can't fool all of the people all of the times.

This makes no sense.
A Championship game warrants a higher ticket price.
For the Peg it may be higher then normal as we are dealing with a reduced amount of seats.
In the overall scheme of things I suspect our prices are among the lowest comparing other leagues.

I looked at the prices and they are cheaper then both Vancouver and Toronto. Bungle, you just don't go to the game, it's a 4 day event. I was told there is only 7000 tickets and they should be mostly gone by end of Sept

I have not been to a GC in Peg. I would suggest there are some things to consider.

Past games :

91 to cold for even polar bears
98 - 06 Nice conditions .

Nov in Win. Taking your chances.
However, the big concern would be the wind. Now with the roof and configuration of IGF, the wind should be cut down. It will not swirl like it does in Calgary, Regina and old Winnipeg Stadium.

If the Bombers finish in 3rd and get hot enough that they are the West champs , then the game is a sell out and you have missed your chance.

I was at the GC in 2014 and paid 289 for my seat. The guy sitting next to me paid 50. They were many seats short of a sell out so they were having a blow out sale. Pissed me off that I got burned.

That is supply and demand economics 101. Hind sight is 20/20 . If I did not buy my high price ticket, it could have been a sell out and I would have missed out.

I have been to 2 GC's 1993 and 2014.
Both were great experiences. Nothing like a live Grey Cup.
Also the festivities and meeting fans from all over Canada and a few from the US.
My advise . Go for it. you will be glad you did.

91 was a good game. I was in wpg then, watching from the warm comfort of my in-laws living room.

You really didn’t expect a positive response from Mr. Bunghole, did ya?

I’ve been to a dozen Cups in the past 15 years plus the first one in the 'peg back in '91 and my prediction is that this year’s event will not be the worst but won’t likely be the best…probably somewhere in between. Attendance will depend on the teams in the game. Sask or Wpg make the game (both long shots to say the least) and the place will be pretty much full given it’ll be the first Cup in the new park. If you’re going, buy your tickets a day or two before the game…always the best deal.

However, if you’re a traveling fan, the fun potential will be tough. The Stadium is a long way from downtown. The weather will more than likely suck. The Spirit of Edmonton room will no doubt get the shaft location wise from the local organizing committee and it’s always the best room at the Cup…last time they stuck them out by the airport. I think most events take place at the Convention Centre downtown so if you’re staying downtown then you can easily walk to most good stuff…but the game is a hike.

I’m not planning to go this year even though Winnipeg is my home town but if you decide to go then you’ll have fun I’m sure, especially if you go with a group…maybe you’ll get a break on the weather! My two cents…

The Stadium is 25 minutes from downtown , also tons of lounges close by the Stadium . Downtown will be a blast all week, great bars and lounges . Touchdown MB social on Friday afternoon will be a must !

Only Grey Cup I went to in Winnipeg, was the Toronto/Calgary Grey Cup with the infamous "Ismail touchdown, with the beer can sliding by" game. I was cheering for Toronto, as my dad was a die hard Stamps fan, only one in the entire section cheering for the double blue. As I walked up to the stadium, up at the top, fans had hung a maniquin (?) in Argos uniform off the side of the stadium. Froze my feet, had two fans behind me, dump cold beer down my back, but still had a blast. As I walked up to the stadium, up at the top, fans had hung a maniquin (?) in Argos uniform off the side of the stadium.

Winnipeggers like to have a good time, even if the stadium is not downtown, they will put on a good show. Just hoping, the halftime show isn't the Guess Who/Bachman Turner Overdrive. Great music, but done to death for Grey Cup entertainment. Hope they are performing somewhere else for the festivities, just not halftime.

Don't you get tired of spewing this crap all the time? For anyone who half believes this-It will be a great time, it will be sold out, I'll be there, It doesn't matter who is in it we are going to have a party, come on down and have some fun.

is ray st germain still alive? Guess he would be too old.

how about crash test dummies.

Ray is still alive but at 75, I doubt he's performing much. I'd be thrilled with Burton or the Guess Who (the one with him in it not Leskiw's version) or BTO. A reunion of the Crash Test Dummies would be fun but perhaps a bit too low key even if they felt like coming together again....I think lead singer Brad Roberts lives in England now. I can't imagine Neil Young would do the show but he considers himself a Winnipeg boy and could rock that park pretty good. Chantal? Why not?

Anybody remember Joey Gregorash? He had a few hits.....

Whoever they pick about 20% will love them and everybody else will hate's the nature of the beast. But, you don't go to the Cup for the halftime because if you drink beer you got much more important things to do, right?

Don't get me wrong, Winnipeg will do it up right...they always do. It'll be as much fun as you want to make it. But, getting to and from the game will be a giant pain in the glutes...and nothing will change that....but it's not a reason not to go.

No issue getting to and from the game .... Will be welcoming tailgates after and lounges very close by . No problem at all . Just don't leave 20 minutes before kickoff !

unless you are staying at one of the 3 close by hotels. :slight_smile: