Grey Cup in the Bay Area

It looks as if I live in one of the ONLY places, the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Grey Cup won't be shown :frowning:

I don't know what "SDD 8p" means, but that's how it's listed on, but it's not on the Comcast schedule (not surprising since Comcast lists the playoff games as being on SATURDAY Nov. 11 and 18).

Does anybody know if I'll be able to stream the game? I need to know ASAP so I can make plans to travel to another location and find a place that is showing it. has most games for streaming.

Pretty sure those are in Canada only, otherwise I have to stream it through, but since Friday games were blacked out for streaming to the US all year I want to make sure that's not going to happen on the Big Day.

Get a Free to air reciever

The game isn't on broadcast here so that won't help. I also can't get a dish because of where I live.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Are you Canadian? Why are you looking for the game?

Look it up on the internet free to air reciever you can get anything and EVERYTHING.

Not true.

Amadeus: one doesn't have to be Canadian to enjoy the CFL. I, for one, will be watching the playoffs and the Grey Cup stateside (via DISH Network's Multi Sport Pack).

Not sure if this will work for you personally, but I gotta buddy who went to Korea to teach. His family bought a slingbox so he can watch Canadian television while overseas. Alls you need is an internet connection for it to work.

According to the tv listings at Zap2It, Altitude and NESN are the only regional sports networks that will air the Grey Cup LIVE. CSN West will "same-day delay" (SDD) at 8 PT/11 ET, which s.u.c.k.s because CSN West is the only RSN that doesn't put up a sports update during a live CFL game.

I'm now stuck with Altitude because NESN runs their sports ticker throughout (the "lesser of two evils" approach).

Hey rpaege:

Have you found a sports bar (or a buddy with DBS) to watch the Grey Cup live? Let's hope you have.

I'll definitely be watching tonight. :rockin:

Thanks Brisco. No I haven’t. I’m going to try and stream it using CFL broadband. If that doesn’t work I’ll walk down the street to the local English pub and see if they’ll put it on for me there.

The listing for the game on has it live pretty much everywhere except some tiny Comcast cities such as S.F., Chicago, N.Y., Atlanta, Seattle and Baltimore. Other Comcast outlets in Portland, Utah, and Detroit will be live.

What can I say. Comcast is HORRIBLE, but at least they say they’ll be showing the game delayed. So they say. We’ll see because it wouldn’t be the first time they say they’re showing something and then don’t, which is what happened with the East/West final. They won’t even respond to polite email enquiries about it. I even pointed out that their schedule is wrong, listing the playoff games as being on Saturday. It didn’t make any difference.

Yes they are.

I was surprised that CSN West decided to air the game delayed this year. Last year it was LIVE, which was great because it was on there where I saw it last year.