Grey Cup in Ottawa

Hey everyone. I've never posted on here before but I thought I should to let everyone know about the event I heard about. The Grey Cup is going to be in the Ottawa area this upcomming Saturday the 25th of April. There is a billboard outside of Local Heroes in Stittsville advertising the actual Grey Cup as well as Justin Phillips from the Calgary Stampeders will be there. Justin is a local guy who grew up in Stittsville so they are throwing a party to celebrate I guess. Cup arrives at 5pm and will be there most of the evening, followed by a band at night. Sounds like it will be a fun event, and I definatly thought some of the die hard fans like me would enjoy seeing the cup in person and maybe getting some pictures with it! Hope to see you guys there!

I hope there is a massive turnout, too bad some of us outside of Ottawa cannot show our support.

Depending on how the Wednesday vote goes, it might make for a good place to celebrate a significant victory. :thup:

Well looks like we received some good news! Anyone up for celebrating with me and the Grey Cup on saturday? Pass on the word of the party and let's show some support for the CFL ... and party! LOL