Grey Cup in High Deff

I just saw a commercial on CBC that says the Grey Cup will be in High Def.
I checked the web page and it confirms that the Cup and the Western Final is in High Def.
I will take it, but why not the Eastern final and the Semi's as well, They will be showing 28 hockey games in High Deff. Are 2 football games a great honour?

YEAH BABY, THANK YOU CBC, but it will not be as good as TSN, oh well.

.......since when did the Canadian Housing Corporation have anything to do with this KK?.....

I was gonna say the same thing :lol:
And, how does he know it will not be as good as TSN
Kanga can you give us the 6/49 numbers?

That's what he always does, claims he knows things before they actually happen, or he claims his opinion is fact. That's weird that they're not showing the eastern final in hd, but they are the western final.

I corrected that now

Guys, I seen both CBC and TSN broadcasts and I can say this as a fact, TSN's ALLOT BETTER!!!!!!!

Thank god that TSN shows more game a week in the regular season.

You don't get it, that's still not fact, it's still only YOUR opinion.

fine, it's an opinion, what's your problem?

The problem is that you specifically stated "I can say this as a fact".....that therefore does not make it an opinion.....

You think that whatever you believe is fact, when it isn't.

doesn't everbody?

jm02: oposie, I try to keep that under control.

No, Kanga, not everyone considers their beliefs as fact. It is a fact my husband is wearing a grey shirt right is not a fact that the Dire Straits wrote the best music ever.....THAT is an opinion.....there is a BIG difference.....

It's pretty sad that we have to explain such a simple concept as this to an adult...

ro1313, I checked the cbc web page too. The way I read it, all the playoffs are in HD. But now that you mention it, it kinda does look as though only the west final is HD. But that wouldn't make sense, even for the cbc!

The west final is the same location as the Grey Cup, so all of the CBC HD cameras will allready be in place to be used.

That is most likely why the west final will be in HD as well. Had the Eskimos not gotten owned by my Stamps last week, I doubt they would have used HD up in Edmonton.

That makes scence. I hope they show more next year. If they can have 28 hockey games they can have a few football games

This is CBC we're talking about. I'd rather they fold and we pay less taxes. Let TSN broadcast everything, they'll do them in HD.

Do you think that if the CBC folded we would pay less taxes

No, I don’t.

It was supposed to be a humerous statement. I’m sure other “important” funding would be needed to fill the gap…

I know what you meant. I was just teasing you. :wink: