Grey Cup In Hamilton?

Any chance Hamilton will get the right to host the Grey Cup before we say goodbye to Ivor Wynne?

No. It's falling apart and they don't have major problems with concessions. Scott Mitchell said this a year or so ago.

Look for a Grey Cup in 2016 or 17 with our new stadium.

I don't think you'll see a Grey cup till 2020.
They have break in the new stadium 1st
that takes a few years.

I don't think you'll see a Grey cup till 2020. They have break in the new stadium 1st that takes a few years.
huh? :?

We'd better have a Grey Cup either the year of the games or, at most, the following year. (assuming Hamilton gets a stadium and it isn't built elsewhere)

There are Always Bugs in a New Stadium
it take a year or two for them to be all Ironed out.

Double "UH?". The Sky Dome/Roger's Centre hosted the 1989 Grey Cup less than 6 months after opening. There is no reason why a new stadium has to be broken in. No logic in waiting at all. If the stadium is open it can handle hosting the Grey Cup.

I've got pictures of you Quimby! ......... Quimby's response......." Ah, that could be anybody's a#$".
You gotta love the Simpsons. :lol:
Pat Lynch(the old Homer fan in section 7)


Bugs?......what bugs? The stadium is going to host the Pan Am Games presumably, so the 2 week long Games can be held but a one day football game can't? lmao! :lol:

Again, we'd better be on the Grey Cup schedule the first year it's opened (2nd year at most)........the Games start and end in the summer and the Grey Cup is nearly December. Any bugs, at the $$$ cost of the stadium, had best be no worse than a toilet getting plugged from some fan pushing a roll of toilet paper in the toilet or a light bulb burning out.

I think you'd want to showcase the new stadium with a national Grey Cup audience. That could boost civic pride locally and make us proud of our city's waterfront and draw even more local people there regularly.

ok, lol, we agree on something at least. (we'll debate the location in other :lol:

I do admire your tenacity in arguing for the waterfront location though........healthy debate is always a good thing because once the final location is decided upon, we can be assured that it has been examined top to bottom......and that's good! :rockin:

Such optimism, a Grey Cup Game in 2015 in Hamilton.

What is in place for the 2015 Pan Am Games is government funding
for a 15,000 seats stadium to be completed a year before the Games.

What is not in place is private funding to add 10,000 seats after 2015
to make that stadium suitable for regular season Tiger Cat games

or additional funding to add 15-20,000 more seats
to make the stadium suitable for Grey Cup games.

Entitlement issues don't reasonate with hard nosed businessmen.

On step at a time, folks.

Bugs? I don't understand what bugs a new stadium would have. They still havent ironed out any of the 'bugs' in ivor wynn, any bugs in the new stadium will be there till the day it's demolished.

Bugs? Call the Orkin man!

Think we'll have a rerfurbished Royal Connaught Hotel by Hamilton's next Grey Cup? gotta listen to Onkinight. He has the mighty ability to predict the future,don't you know. He was so confident that BC would choke he posted this.....(even though BC was the most competitive against Montreal this year)

Not only that that he can read everone's mind...."we'll all new"

I'm going to email him for this weeks lottery numbers

Now if we can teach him grammar and how to spell … “we all knew”

WAIT...I see us hosting a Grey Cup as a VERY FITTING WAY to say goodbye to the grand old lady IWS. I say host the Grey Cup in Hamilton for a fitting sendoff as the last game at IWS!

Then let the "bugs" work out in satdium, host another one 3 years later!

Easy guys....I know a lot of you are pi..ed at Tom because of that newsper article fiasco, but I think that the guy has some other issues as well that may affect the way he writes....

Nobody should ridicule him because of his language on Ticat chat, spelling doesn't count.

How sweet it would be if we got the Pan Am games for 2015 and the Grey Cup for 2016. That would be what I would hope for. Give the cup to Toronto 2012, Montreal 2013, Ottawa in 2014 (or the West if they don't get a team), Winnipeg for 2015, Hamilton 2016 and then go back out West.