Grey Cup In Hamilton? It's our Turn!

With the Pan Am Games coming it will be the Hammers time to shine next summer , there now is NO Excuse that Bob and the City can't host a Grey Cup after hosting a world Class sporting event. so what is the process for the Ticats and the City of Hamilton to Bid for a CFL Championship ? we are way over due and Hamilton should be next inline to Host or will it be our nations Capital Ottawa?

"If you build it they will come"

Look for Hamilton to host the 2016 Grey Cup in Hamilton.
Ottawa should host the 2017 game to coincide with Canada’s 150th birthday.

When would we know or is there a bidding process ??? Sorry how far ahead does the CFL plan??

Also isn't protocol to go east / west so they won't go east twice 2016/17?!

2013/14/15 has been west/west/west (SK/BC/WPG)

nah not at all.

3 consecutive grey cups will have been held out west (2013 Regina, 2014 Vancouver, 2015 Winnipeg)

so 2 straight in Ottawa and Hamilton is nothing.

They'll go back out West in 2018 when Saskatchewan's new stadium is complete and bugs all worked out. Then back to Toronto for when BMO field is ready to host in 2019. I can see Edmonton getting it in 2020 and whenever Calgary gets a new stadium they'll host too.

MTL is in limbo as the Alouttes have said they won't bid to host because Olympic stadium is off limits when it snows more than 3cm. So they said they can't chance having a grey cup postponed because of a snowfall in later november/ early december. I think 2019 is the earliest the roof issue will be replaced/ removed.

Its all about showing off those shiny new stadiums.

Would be super for Hamilton to host one that's for sure.

After Hamilton get's its 2 Grey Cups (I believe the CFL promised 2, can anyone confirm?) how will Hamilton get Grey Cups?

Is it a volunteer system or is it a bidding system or will they do a rotation? I don't see how Hamilton could ever win based on bidding to get the game, as this league is more and more about the money (which I am ok with, I want the league to grow).

How do you lure the game here with a crowd of only 35k? Hamilton is still a very cheap city, so they can't gouge to make up the difference.

So at this point maybe they give a grey cup once every 15 years or something, or just throw a pity Grey Cup every once in a while.


Well for starters don't screw up our 2 chances to host like the last time in 96'.

Another plus is our hotel inventory has vastly improved since 96' and our downtown is in much better shape. It will only get better in the future. That plus we have a new stadium. Theres more money in the city now than there was in 96' as well. So things are looking better.

But we can start worrying about that after our 2 guaranteed grey cups have been hosted.

Until now just prove that we are a viable option during the next 2 grey cups we host.

It is a bidding system and voted on by the Board of Governors.

"The Grey Cup host is determined by a bid process. Teams/cities submit bids to the CFL to host the championship game and the prior week of festivities. The host city is awarded the Grey Cup by a vote of the board of governors. The game is usually awarded about two years prior to the date to allow for planning. There is an attempt to rotate the game between all member cities of the league, however all bids must guarantee certain revenue to the league. Teams without the facility capabilities to guarantee the necessary revenue will refrain from bidding, such as Hamilton from 1997 to 2014, and presently Montreal who have issues with Olympic Stadium being a viable site if there is snowfall."

It's a lot easier for a city with a big stadium to host the event, they don't have the added expense of putting up them temporary seats. For cities like Hamilton and Ottawa it's expensive to install them temporary seats and then hope they sell them at the $300 per seat average. In Ottawa they are talking about keeping the temporary seats up for an NHL outdoor game that gives them an opportunity to make additional money. Maybe Hamilton could look at doing the same thing and host a Leaf's outdoor game.

That probably won't happen. The Leaf's would rather play a pre-season game in London then set foot in the 17,000 seat First Ontario Centre. I think convincing the Habs through the Bulldogs affiliation is more likely then the Leafs hosting a game in Hamilton.

A Habs / Leafs Heritage Classic!!! :thup:

Pretty sure we are expandable to 40k

Some sources have quoted 35K others 40k.

IMO 35K is the actual number. Seems hard to believe they can fit massive 8500 seat temporary structures in each endzone, especially the north end. 6000 in each endzone to bring capacity up to 35K is more reasonable IMO

As awesome as that would be, it happening in Hamilton is a pipe dream. The NHL want to pretend that Hamilton doesn't exsist, and a sellout heritage classic is only going to make everyone ask why doesn't Hamilton have a team. As awesome as it would be awesome to see Hamilton Tigers unis go up against Toronto St. Pats, it's not going to happen.

I heard Bob himself taking about this issue on the radio the other day.

He said it’s definitely something the organization has plans to do but they’re not even allowed to start the process until the stadium is handed over from the builder. Until that happens, it can’t be anything more than a definite “we’ll make plans” situation.

Guys remember 96 was a Bust , I remember the party tents outside the Sheraton Hotel and them not selling out the snow bowl and ending up selling tickets at a reduced cost at our local donut shop :thdn: I know we can do a first class job this time World Cycling Championship and a Pan Am Games come on WE CAN DO WAY BETTER THAN TORONTO ! we are the home of the CFL football HOF ! Guys bottom line with temp seating set up what's THF legal limit?

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