Grey Cup in Edmonton

The last 10-15,000 will mostly comprise of the nosebleed/partially obstructed view variety

Got 4 tickets yesterday.. Will be my first Grey Cup.. Im pretty pumped. section A, row 32, seats 8-5... :slight_smile:
Now if only the Riders make it back to the show..

Wow, unbelievable.
If and when the Esks sellout the 63,000 odd thousand seats and with the average price at around $250 this could bring in the highest grossing tickets sales, maybe with Montreal?, and likely a profit of $10+M.

I got my tickets yesterday! I've never been to Edmonton so this will be my first time there. My 2 buddies and I are going. I'm an Argo fan and both of them are Ti-cat fans. Oh man, if the Cats make it, both of them will be screaming in my ear all weekend. Now let's see if I can score some tix to the Spirit of Edmonton breakfeast. I'm looking forward to Edmonton, I can hear that waterslide at the West Edmonton mall calling my name from here.

Me too: "Birdman...stay away....far, far away....."

Just for that, I'm going down the slide bare-AS$

Sales are up to over 52,000 already. Looks like it could be entirely sold out before pre-season even starts! :thup:

My money's on before the weekend starts.

Endzone is the only thing left, i think it will be a record if they sell out by this weekend.

i say yes they will sell out this weekend.

scalpers will like this.


Go Edmonton! :thup:

I managed to get a couple of first tier seats on the goal line, section M, row 11. I think they might even be on the end but I'm not really sure. :smiley: It's gonna be a blast! I hope the Eskies make it there, but I have my doubts. The competition is looking to be very high this year.

if that is the case? then I'll just do what I did last year.. wait and pay cheap.

Less than 1000 seats left, as of today.

Wow that's stunning. Should be a record for Commonwealth for sure.

Calgary sold out the grey cup in record time last year... but this is crazy. to sellout before the season starts... This is so amazing.

Wow is all I can say! Holy maccaroni! :thup:

This proves it again what I have now been saying for many years how Edmonton has by far and away the best fans and is therefore the best sports city in Canada.

^ One thing is for sure, that city gets behind sports events like no other.
Track Championships, Grey Cups, Commonwealth games, what ever they host first class events.

But this has blown the doors off, only 1000 singles left is very impressive.
Credit to Edmonton and all CFL fans!!

I am curious but I wonder what percentage of those tickets sold are private companies that are going to do promotions and contests for tickets?

how many companies bought up high #'s for their pre-Grey Cup contests and so on..

Without a doubt some of those went to ticket like Ticketmaster. Though for my tickets the fee was only $11, which surprised me. The last time I bought tickets through that company it was for Norm MacDonald at the Warfield in S.F. and fully 1/3 of the price of the ticket was fees. And for some bizarre reason the are allowed down here to advertise the face value of the ticket instead of the full price after all the ridiculous fees. I mean they actually have the audacity to charge $4 for printing your own ticket. Anyway, I normally don't buy through them, but in this case the fee seemed reasonable enough and I had to jump on it or risk having to pay FAR more later, or not be able to get an affordable decent seat at all.