Grey Cup in Edmonton

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I plan on being there this year. Looking forward to some major fun!

Apparently they also got over 1 million is sponsorships.
Also how many season ticket do the eskies have? From the article it appears like at least 33000. Pretty impressive.

I think that's season ticket holders from all teams. I'm a TiCats STH and I got an offer to purchase my Grey Cup tickets a while ago (unfortunately, can't go).

Same here, I was planning to take my dad to the grey cup for his birthday but my work hours are shrinking and I can't afford to do it this year now.Definitely going to next year though, where's the 2011 cup being held?

Appears to be BC.

In my case, the problem is hours. This past year, I had an immovable 8:00 work commitment. The schedule varies from year to year, so it might not be the case in the coming year, but until I know for sure, I can't make plans.

Thanks, that makes more sense. Although I wouldn't be surprised their season tickets are close to that.

33,000 is a lot of tickets sold thus far. I’m sure a good chunk of those belong to stamps season ticket holders. Hopefully there will be some decent seats left when they go on sale to the public on June 1st. I plan on buying a few and making the trip out west. Already got my hotel booked! Now only if I can get my hands on some spirit of Edmonton tickets, I’d be all set!

What's the Spirit of Edmonton? I've been away so long (33 years) I forget.

I'm just glad I don't have to stay in a hotel when I"m there :smiley:

it's the name for the event/party that the Edmonton folks hold every Grey Cup! they throw it wherever the game is and to be honest it is a great event. they really do a good job with the whole thing, I just wish it would be a little more family oriented! I was at the one in Calgary for a while and everyone seemed to be focused on drinking and dancing, with very little to no food.

I think on a whole, they'll have a bigger event this year seeing as it's in Edmonton!

Definitely gonna try and get tickets to that!

Strange. I am a Rider STH and I got no invite to buy Grey Cup tix yet. How dare they?

My wife and I plan to be there. Calgary's cup festivities were awesome, until Gainer's little gopher heart got broken after they cut short his celebration and sent him back to the sidelines.

I look forward to seeing some of y'all in Edmonton.

Yeah, that was intentional...

I'm one of the local season ticket holders who have gotten tickets for the 2010 Grey Cup. Based on the numbers, the Grey Cup hasn't increased the season ticket sales as much as I thought it would. The way the Eskimos have got it set up for Grey Cup tix is, Season ticket holders can buy their seat plus on more (for example, I own two seats so I bought my two and the two extras). Now I'm not saying that every season ticket holder bought their extra seats that they're allowed to purchase but I would certainly thought they would have more than about half the tickets sold.

Good short article in the Toronto Sun:

CFL's special bond with Canadians

[i]There is plenty of room for football in the hearts of Canadians.

CFL commissioner Mark Cohon shared one of his experiences from the Vancouver Olympic Games during a visit to Edmonton Tuesday for the kickoff of Grey Cup ticket sales to the public.

“I had the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of great Canadian athletes when I was there,? Cohon told the audience at the Hot to Huddle Grey Cup kickoff lunch at the Shaw Conference Centre.

“I was at an event with a bunch of CEOs and some of the gold-medal athletes were there, and I met a hometown girl from Edmonton, the goaltender for the Canadian women’s hockey team, Shannon Szabados,? Cohon said. “She was showing us her gold medal. She was obviously a little tired and maybe a little hungover from the win and smoking too many cigars.

“Not that she was going through the motions, but clearly she had had a big night the night before.?

Upon finding out Cohon is commissioner of the CFL, Szabados’s inner-football fan woke up and her gold medal took a momentary back seat.

“Her eyes lit up and she said, ‘I’m a huge Eskimos fan, I can’t wait for the Grey Cup to be in Edmonton. I want to be there,’ ? Cohon said. “She is a huge fan, and I realized what we have in the CFL is pretty powerful: from gold-medal athletes to grandparents to parents to young kids to college students, we have this special bond with Canadians across the country.

HUNDREDTH HOST: With the 100th Grey Cup being held in 2012 in a yet-to-be named CFL city, Cohon said special plans are in the works to celebrate the centennial.

Whether or not Edmonton would be in the running to host two Grey Cups in a three year span, he smiled and said: “I think that’s some wishful thinking.?[/i]

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48 000 seats are gone for the Grey Cup.
The eskies have had a big boost with their season tickets this year, well over 30000.
Should be great crowds this year.

how did you get 48,000

Here is the latest count 35,000

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It was 35 000 before today. General tickets went on sale today and 12 000 were sold.

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sorry did not see that. Could be sold out by end of july, man the grey cup is popular, i remember in the mid 90's when they could not even get 40,000 in winnipeg or if you go back to 1990 when bc held it, i was there only 48,000 showed up, they were trying to give tickets away at safway if you buy $50,00 worth of groceries. and they annouced on that friday (the weekend of the grey cup) that they had sold 57,000
trying to get people to buy, or even 1999 grey cup when only 45,000 showed up.

the way it is going , bc next year will probebly sell it out by august.


Yikes. If 48,000 have already been sold, that leaves what, like 12,000-15,000? Damn. Buy your tickets now!!! :lol: