Grey Cup: I'm calling it

With unreliable, but feasible, news that Winnipeg would be getting the 2014 Grey Cup, I'm calling it right now: Ottawa is going to host the Grey Cup in 2017.

Back in 2008, it was announced that Ottawa would be conditionally hosting the 2014 Grey Cup, contingent upon Ottawa having a team that year. While the Ottawa franchise is scheduled to return that year, Hunt has indicated that he would like his team to have an opportunity to compete for that Grey Cup and it would be tough goings in their first year. Additionally, the franchise was awarded the 102nd Grey Cup when it was thought that the team could be back by 2011, making the 2014 Grey Cup all the more unlikely now.

But why 2017? Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday that year and it would make sense to host the game in the nation's capital. The Grey Cup game was held in Ottawa in 1967, Canada's centennial, so the league has taken this into account in the past. 2017 will also be the fourth season that the Ottawa team will have been in the league, which was part of the original plan, and would give the team a chance to compete for a Grey Cup berth.

Anyway, amid all the discussion of appeals and construction, I'm glad we're talking drafts and actual football in Ottawa again. :thup:

Good call! yes it does make sense to wait a couple of years. Ottawa is a great place to hold a Grey Cup, lots to do there and lots of fun. I was at the 2014 Grey Cup in Ottawa it was a great show and they packed in 52,000.

So, you attended the 2014 Grey cup, eh?
What can you tell me about the future?
Stock picks and sports champions would be helpful. :lol:

Why not give them 2014 and 2017. We just had 3 Grey Cups in a row in Western Canada.

typo - 2004

With Canada celebrating it's 150th in 2017, I suggest 2017 would be an excellent year for Ottawa to host the Grey Cup... 8)


You are calling it too?

I would be all for that one. It's always a little warmer that time of year in the East and I'm sure Ottawa and Hamilton will put on great shows when they get their chance. The West has just being filling in for Hamilton for the last 10 -12 years or so as their stadium was just not going to cut it no matter what temporaries would have been brought in. Will be awesome to see it outside in the East again, instead of the all to familiar Rogers and Big O for all the Eastern Games.

That's easy to answer... Ottawa Red Blacks will be 2014 Grey Cup Champs! :cowboy:

Not to put OSEG on the level of the Watters group, but I imagine the CFL would be unlikely to give the game to Ottawa after the first season when you consider how quickly they pulled the plug after hosting the Grey Cup back in 2004. I don't believe Hunt and the boys will take the money and run the way Watters' crew did, but the CFL likely would still be hesitant to give OSEG that carrot.

OSEG has already stated that they don't want 2014, it's too early. They said it would take at least 3 years for a new team to build up to a contender and they want to have a chance to host it and have their team in it.

So they should not get the Grey Cup?

I'm saying that I can see why the BOG would be reluctant to give them the Grey Cup so quickly after the team starts up. OSEG has already shown they are patient enough to wait things out, but at the same time I can't see the BOG handing over a bag of Grey Cup money to the new guys right away when the old guys took the money and ran last time.

I do think the CFL is targeting 2017 for the Grey Cup in Ottawa. But I'm sure they will look elsewhere for the 2014 game.

Grey cups:
2013 - Sask
2014 - BC
2015 - Winnipeg
2016 - Hamilton
2017 - Ottawa
2018 - (step 2) ??? (step 3) profit odds are an Albertan team
2019 - Sask **new digs should be in 3rd year by then **

starting 2020 and after a rotation starts that hopefully see's all 9 markets hit at least every 10 years(if not 9)
Only snag would be the UNLIKELY event a 10th team is actually lined up for 2018(meaning they get 2020), I hope a 10th team is around by then but I wouldn't bet on it.

I'll also call that it's unlikely Toronto is still playing out of Skydome by 2020, they could be looking for new digs by 2016 actually.