Grey Cup: If Montreal Loses

If Montreal loses the Grey Cup game this year can I finally call them a bunch of Choke Artists?!?

I called them chokers the last time they lost and the wrath of God came down on me.

When the 'Cats are out I jump on the Green Wagon! (I love the Province of Saskatchewan).

Go 'Riders!

On another note...

Everytime I watch Calgary play I am appauled at the ugliness of their jeresys! They look like black and red puke. Great helmets though.

Als will beat the Riders.

They were supposed to beat Edmonton a couple times, too.

If they lose... I am adding a signature to my name that says "The ALS are a bunch of Choke artists".

You know I made myself a promise that I was going to stop posting here unless it was a good positive post about the ticats or their posters.

I'm going to break that promise.

Rusty...that gang of choke artists just had a 15-3 season, undefeated at home, scored 100 more points and gave up 100 less points that their closest rivals. Those choke artists just beat the team that sent the Cats packing by 30 points.

Rusty, your post is really...really ...dumb.

I can honestly say I really don’t care who wins now. Not that I’m bitter…just that I like both teams and as long as it’s an entertaining game, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll be happy for either team.

I hope Montreal kicks there ass and maybe it would shut Glenn Suitor up once and for all. I'm a little curious if Sask. has such loud fans what do they need thundersticks for, I'm glad we don't give them out in the Hammer anymore there for little girls. Montreal second best place to watch a game GO ALS GO

Hard to say.

The Als have a lot easier route to the GC than does any Western Team. Its hard to "boast" about finishing ahead of the Blues, the Bombers or even the Cats, and the home field thing when you are playing at Molson sort of gaurantee's the 13th man

The bottom line is that if we had prevailed against BC, we could not have beaten that performance today.

Next year, who knows who will be coaching in Montreal and their core players will be a year older, and our guys will be a year more experience, let alone what trades, drafts and such will do to the teams. Montreal will be hard pressed to "improve", where the Tabbies will be stepping up.

Our park gets pretty full every game, and so I don't see where we are losing money; the Caretaker is a pretty good guy; I don't think he'll have an issue with shelling out the cash to purchase "rings" for our team in 2010.


I really don't care. I can see both arguments, but both are meaningless to me.

Yeah, they went 15-3. So if they lose this Grey Cup I can officially call them choke artists! They'll be the CFL's version of the Bills.

Rusty I think its a good idea for a topic . Montreal has a very poor record in recent years so why cant you question what their legacy will be ??

I know Hamilton gets questioned all the time when they lose a game or games so I see no reason why you cant start a topic like this . Hopefully Sask. wins !!!!!

 Stats mean nothing in a CHAMPIONSHIP game .

I don't think his post was so dumb. If Montreal loses, they are, in fact, choke artists. As you've demonstrated by pointing out how dominant they were during the regular season.

Alouettes have been a very good team for a lot of years, but the fact remains that they've lost in 5 out of their 6 Grey Cup appearances.

If you want to make yourself sound petty and jealous, then yes.

I agreed with you last year, and i'll continue to agree should they lose AGAIN this year.

You cant honestly tell me that a team that possibly loses 6 out of 7 Championship games in a decade isnt even worthy of the discussion of being called choke artists.

Sure, man, whatever. We beat every western-conference team this season, including the West Division champs (twice). We finished with a franchise record in wins, good for the best record in the league BY A FRICKING COUNTRY MILE. We were at the top of the league in offense, defense, and special teams. But somehow, we have it easy. :roll: Yeah, going 15-3 and maintaining a high level of focus and execution despite having first place sown up months ago was a goddamn piece of cake. :roll:

I would suggest that we don't have it easy. It's the rest of the East that has it hard, because they have to play us so frequently.

But I seem to remember you trash-talking my Als a month or so ago, claiming that we had no answer for the Cats, we feared you, etc. But now suddenly finishing ahead of the Cats is something that's 'hard to boast about'? Funny how the Cats can go from our nemesis to not worth boasting about in just a few short weeks.

and the home field thing when you are playing at Molson sort of gaurantee's the 13th man
What does this even mean? Home-field advantage is home-field advantage regardless of where you are.

So if Montreal is far and away the best team in the league... and i think its fair to say they are as a point you so perfectly have demonstrated... would it not be a fair argument to make if they lost their 6th Grey Cup this decade to be considered Choke Artists?

Yes the Als have a crappy record in Grey Cups this decade.

Lets be honest though....wouldn't you Ticats fans have given anything to be playing in the big game this year?, or last year, or any of the years in the last decade that the Als were playing and the Cats were watching the game on TV???

So if call the Als choke artists...fair enough, but then at least they made it to the dance.

Well, you can make that point if you want.

But I was speaking of THIS year and this year only. You can talk about choking in years past, but as far as I'm concerned, there is no yesterday. Only today and tomorrow.

These guys go all the way to the Grey Cup and you call then Choke Artists?

I think a team that goes to the Grey Cup once in Ten Years are so can be called "Choke Artitsts:

I would really like to see the GreenBacks win A Championship .....
I hate the Al's and the Ignorant French Fans ...( Not all French Fans ARE ignorant ) ....And im french Canadian ...
I love to see them go Down again ... And Again and Again ....No argos around to pick on so !

J'espère qu'Al fait donner un coup de pied à leur âne partout dans le champ de football...

Allez les Billets verts Vont.....( Translation )

( I hope the Al's get their ass kicked all over the football field ...)

Go GreenBacks Go.....

if they lost their 6th Grey Cup this decade to be considered Choke Artists? Yes The Buffalo Bills of the CFL.....