Grey Cup Idea - Hospitality Room for posters!!

Folks - We all enjoy this forum very much. Thanks to the moderators who help make it work.
Even though we smack and poke fun at each other and our teams once in awhile we all love the CFL and enjoy the great games.
If anyone is going to Calgary maybe a HOSPITALITY ROOM could be set up at one of the hotels just for posters to meet and greet. For instance I could give Jacob7 (passionate BC LIONS fan) his Rider jersey with his name on it. Seriously, we could all meet, have a beer or whatever and a few laughs as well as friendly teasing. I know I have pushed people’s bottons on this forum over the years and others have pushed mine but it is all in good spirit really. - harmless stuff that may be the best psychiatric treatment for all of us to release stress.
Seriously, if someone is going to Calgary , has a room and is willing to host a hospitality couple of hours say 5-7p.m. I would be willing to cough up some dough for snacks. BYOB I assume. I always wondered how big Big Dave is or how owly geroysimon is and always wanted to have a beer with Chief and Sportsman etc. etc.
Anyone interested. It could become an annual event!!! and support the league and better yet create some friendships amongst friendly rivals. Canada’s Grey Cup has always brought Canadians together in a way that is unique. Someone get this started. What do others think. (I likely will be staying with relatives or in a van - no hotel booking for me so I cannot host!)
cheers to all,
this old turkey :rockin: :thup: answer with a thumbs up or down if you want to be brief.

well turkey i might have agreed until you insulted me by claiming i was a lions fan!!! the day i become a lions fan i tell you

We'll meet at Cecil's--lots of friendly ladies there :cowboy:

It's closed, sorry.


But there is one or two I'd likely strangle...

I'm sorry to hear that. It would have been a good meeting place for football fans. Any other suggestions?
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Don't worry Riders fans can still go to the Shamrock, the colours fit, it attracts as seedy a crowd as the Cecil and I would not be surprized if they were serving green beer. They always do on St. Patricks day, why not now.

I don’t post often but am on these forums everyday. I would definately be interested in meeting up with some CFL fans if anyone can accomodate. I am staying with a friend so I can not.

You guys should check out the CFL twitter page - I hear there's going to be a Grey Cup twitter meeting - I'm sure you could all get in on that.


I'll be there, and would probably attend this. It really depends where it is, when it is, and how drunk I am already.

Otherwise if you see a drunk Rider fan sorrounded by a bunch of other drunk rider fans. Yell out Billy, and if someone answers it probably won't be me. But it might.


Man, now I really wanna go to the Grey Cup just to yell out Billy and see if you're around. :lol: