Grey Cup Hotels

Anyone know of any hotels in Toronto that are offering a deal on a room for Grey Cup weekend?

good luck

This is Toronto - - not Winnipeg. You're not going to get a half price deal, but finding hotel accommodations for the Grey Cup will be no problem. Just depends on how close to the downtown core you want to be. If you're trying to save a few dollars and want to stay a bit further out than walking distance, make sure you're close to a subway line.

Nope, and no one else does either. Hotels jack up prices for big events, not the opposite.

Yea, you're not going to get any deals on hotels during Grey Cup weekend. If cost is a major factor, I would recommend getting a hotel a bit further away from downtown but within walking distance of a subway station. You'll save money. The subway will take you everywhere you need to go for Grey Cup events. You can buy 10 subway tokens for $25.

I found a half decent flop in Parkdale within walking distance of downtown for ~$90 a night. Then again I booked it 4 months ago.

NOVOTEL TORONTO CENTRE? has good rates and is right downtown

It is now sold out. Try The Grange Hotel.

Sure, stay at the Sheraton or Staybridge Suites in Hamilton. They are both a stone throw away from the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and a 10 minute walk to the GO station that has a 1 hour bus to Toronto for $18, two way. Be a lot cheaper then a hotel in hogtown.

What time is the last train back to the Hammer?