Grey Cup ...Hi-Lites//Bloopers of the past

.....Watching some of the Grey Cups of days gone by.....I got shivers all over again watching Kenny Ploen run in for the td. in the first Grey Cup overtime game....What an ol fox...Ploen gave that little head fake and danced along the sidelines for the clinching td....Some great football for Bomber fans in those days....One of many Grey Cups of that era AND we always seemed to be beating the lol We were their worst nightmare :lol: :lol: :lol:

...the blooper where a fan tripped a Cat on his way for a td. still makes me laugh....At first i thought it was a Bomber player at our bench, that stuck his foot out (the Cats were waxing us in that one) out of frustration...but it was soon learned it was just a specator....We learned a lot in that Grey Cup and went on to dominate a very good Ti-Cat team in the next few Cups....The Hamiton fans and teams of those days cringed everytime they seen the BluenGold emerge as the west representative in the classic....oh for a repeat of those days... :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Those were indeed the days papa...and I can tell you, it wasn't easy being a young Bomber fan IN HAMILTON in those days. Of course it would have been harder if we hadn't won...but it was kinda fun watching the Cat fans eat crow for the next week. And just as the Bomber Grey Cup run came to an end, the Leafs started winning Stanley Cups...sounds like science fiction now.

It wasn't out of frustration, papa. The fan, David Humphrey, apparently said he did it because he thought it would be funny (he also admitted he'd had some refreshments that day). Hard to believe he went on to be a respected lawyer and judge. The story was in David Humphrey's obituary:

I loved that era of the sixties living in Hamilton it was a great time, the Bombers got the better of us but we did pretty good. At half time at one of the games this year they talked to Garney Henley and he talked about the great Bomber teams. There was some great players from both teams back then. As a Tiger Cat fan my best memory of that era was when Mosca put Willie Fleming out of the Grey Cup game people of BC still BOO old Ang till this day