To those who doubted this team, may you now believe that the Lions are for real. What a clobbering...Saskatchewan was NO match for the Lions. So, in the words of a Rider's fan, A WIN IS A WIN IS A WIN. What a great TEAM effort to get the job done boys.

Yeah baby, Winnipeg here we come!!! :thup: :thup:

Congratulations to the boys showed the heart today that my team did last week.....stomp the Als next weekend, boys.....

Of course you'd say that. Transparent though.

il be cheering the Lions on next week!

clobber those Als

Congratulations to the Lions!
And especially congrats to the 13th man today.
You guys made life hell for our offence and were a big factor in the outcome.
Offence is all about timing and you completely disrupted us with the noise factor in that first half.

On the otherside of the ball, I picked the Lions for first place and to win the Grey Cup at the start of the year. And that was largely because of Dave Dickenson, who, when he is healthy is still the best QB in the league.
And he proved it today.
He was a machine out there in the first half, and even when we did get pressure, he somehow managed to ellude it and either get the ball away, or make something happen with his legs.
And the other reason I picked you, is because you have the best receiving corp in the league, and those guys definately stepped up today, with tremendous catches by Clermont and Jackson.
Clermont is the most physical receiver in the league and we just couldn't handle him today, and that catch in the back of the zone by Paris was as good as it gets--you just can't cover that.

Anyway, the BC Lions have been the best team all year and the only thing that will stop you winning the Cup now will be yourselves.
So enjoy the victory, but reload and off to Winnipeg, where I suspect the Rider faithful will by in large shift their support to the Lions.
I know I will be--guys like Dickenson and Clermont deserve a victory!

Good luck!

The more the merrier. We’ve got room for more who want to join us in this party! The Lions do deserve the Cup…they’ve been a phenomenal team this year and have provided some thrilling entertainment. I sure hope we do it - just one more to go! :thup:

And there will go the Grey Cup...with...THE MONTREAL ALOUETTES after the BC Lions will be unable to contain the devastating running attack led by Robert Edwards and the great pass catching abilities of Ben Cahoooooooooooooooon!!!

Congrats Montreal on winning the 2006 Grey Cup

Ben CaWhooo?

Dave Dickenson for Prime Minister.

You show again why we all love Rider fans.
They are not only the best fans. Loyal to a fault but classy.
I thank you for the best wishes.

Whatever you do, avoid getting into "trash talk " with supporters of the Als! I think the word mentioned last week was “karma”!

Like last week, the team that commits the LEAST number of mistakes will win the game. Hopefully the weather will be nice so that the game will not be affected, too much, by the elements. Was +3c on Monday before Grey Cup (Nov 13) in Winnipeg; hopefully the weather will stay nice till next Monday.

All the best on Sunday!

as i have said before, go kick some montreal ass, keep the cup in the west where it belongs


Thanks Riderfans , great to hear from you and thanks for supporting our guys now when it must have hurt to watch for you. I cheered your team on in '89 , so welcome aboard , hopefully our guys can do you proud next week too.

You too chicken to post that on the Als forum?

Thanks Riderfans, especially jm02, Arius, and I know roughy is around here somewhere. You guys will get better with Tillman building your team.

Only question I have, (i posed it in your forum)why didn’t the Riders use Kenton Keith in the first half. He had always given us fits, but he was non-existant in the first half.

Best scripted play… Paul McCallum’s 18 yard field goal from the spot he missed two years ago. 4 for 4, way to go Paul!