Grey Cup headed for 70,000! Biggest Grey Cup crowd ever!

Grey Cup is headed for 70,000! They've already sold 50,000 tickets! It will be a party!

Who went to the 2001 game? How loud was it?

I'm bringing my NOISE! banner all the way from Vancouver!

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Can they pack in another 5000 seats or standing room to push it up to 70,000? They want to beat the 65,255 from 2001 and the 68,318 from 1977...

Will no doubt be standing room only. What a great show it will be - for Canadians who live in Canada (and the armed forces) only of course. The rest of us who live elsewhere aren't invited to witness this great event on television, and we'll probably have to resort to mooching an internet feed like common beggars. :cry: :thdn:

Despite the huge support for the CFL, our American wannabee networks are doing all they can to marginalize it.
Guess all CFL fans can do is keep supporting it in huge numbers.
Thats the only way we can get back at these people.

You have nothing better to do than to bring everyone else down? The Grey Cup will be what it always been- a celebration of our game, it has nothing to do with "getting back at these people"! Instead of doom and gloom , why not just enjoy the game , no matter who is playing in it. You don't happen to have an alter ego named Frank_MP do you berezin?

Some interesting Big O attendance numbers

The largest attendance at the Olympic Stadium
Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies Over 73,000 each

Pink Floyd concert (July 6, 1977) 78,322
Emerson Lake & Palmer concert (August 26, 1977) 73 898

Alouettes versus Argonauts (September 6, 1977) 69,083
Grey Cup (November 27, 1977) 68,318
Grey Cup (November 25, 2001) 65,255
Rolling Stones concert (December 14, 1989) 64,664
U2 concert (October 1, 1987) 63,504
Pink Floyd concert (May 22, 23 and 24, 1994) 62,689 every night
Motocross (June 19, 1985) 61,290
Verdi´s opera Aïda (June 16 and 18, 1988) 60,000 every night

Me and a bud will be 2 of this hopefully record breaking crowd

I`m hoping to get a ticket, as well.

your coming all the way from london cheif? cool, i wish i could go but thats not really in the cards with school and stuff but , you gotta wave to me, ill be watchin on t.v :smiley: :smiley:

Well, Ive been trying to make plans to see a Stamps game for two years (I have family in Alberta), but every time plans fall through. So this time I said to hell with it, Im going to the Grey Cup no matter what. :lol:

With maybe a little luck you'll fulfill your wish in one game.
See the Stamps play in the Grey Cup.
I really wish there was a chance to see Jesse and the Ti-Cats at this years Grey Cup.
Guess I better go back to reading 'Alice in Wonderland'.

This actually came up in a conversation the other day.
Is there actually standing room for football at the Big 'O'?

What a shot in the arm for the CFL, especially this year with all the schat going down in TO.

Hats off to Montreal and the rest of Quebec, you guys do throw the best parties. :thup:

Officially, NO.
But there is plenty of space to stand and watch