Grey Cup headed for 70,000! Biggest Grey Cup crowd ever!

They've already sold over 50,000 tickets for the Grey Cup on their way to 70,000!

They want to beat the 65,255 for the 2001 game and the 68,318 for 1977. There was apparently an Eastern Final that year that drew 69,000.

Can they pack in 5000 more seats?

BRING ON THE NOISE! I'm bringing my NOISE! banner from Vancouver so how about someone there paint a NOISE banner also...

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Ho men, this is gonna be one hell of a party, I just can't wait !!! :rockin:

Great. At the Big Owe, that means if you line up to use the can at halftime, you won't get back to your seat until the fourth quarter.

Depends :slight_smile:

then don't drink so much before the game

Looking forward to going to the GC this year, was as the festivities last year in Toronto and had a great time but didn't go to the game. :thup:

But this time the HOME team is playing in the Big Dance! Right Montreal?

Tell everyone about all the "fascinating" things guys can enjoy along St. Catherines

Was in a male strip joint with the then ex-wife somewhere in Montreal. I'll tell you something, I could never qualify to be hired as a male stripper, those guys got it I must say. Her friends were going crazy at the likes of these guys, she wasn't. Made sense later though, we got divorced because she wanted to be on the other team. Life is good now though! :rockin:

The biggest attendance ever at an Alouette game, was at the Olympic stadium in 1977.
I forget the exact date, but it was in 1977, the Argonauts were the visitors, and I believe the Argos won 20-14.

The attendance was 69,093

I posted this on the main forum

The Pink Floyd and ELP concerts are a litte off.......A few of us snuck in! :lol:

Me and my crew of 8 will be contributing to hopefully what is a record crowd! Sure would be fun to see a Riders/Als Grey Cup :slight_smile: Lots of games left to play tho!

Got my tickets, wife and mine, in the mail yesterday, looking forward to it!

how about the Lions and Riders?

Any word on how many tickets have been sold now? Last I saw was 50,000 but that was quite awhile ago.

55 000 thats all they will realy sell untill the teams are decided. most of the tickets are reserved for the teams that are playing, should be a great game!

should be fun seeing the riders repeat, hopefully! if bishop can get his act together.

where is party central gonna be? place bonaventure? i always have a good time at riderville, the hamilton and edmonton party.

Yup the same place as 2001 in the park. Watch out though, A LOT of people get gagged there :rockin:


They say 15,000 seats left.

Not sure if that means 50,000 sold and aiming for 65,000 or 55,000 sold and aiming for 70,000.

This G.C. game should be sold out by now.

Here in Vancouver they sold out BC Place (59,687) a good two months before Grey Cup 2005.

And Montreal is a bigger market...

I dont believe that is the case...

All teams hold back some tickets until it has been decided who will be playing