Post freely here in this CFL game thread as apposed to the Ti-Cat Hamilton forum game thread. They do tend and will give you the shill as seen by a pick grooving in a cave.

Always preferable to start a new thread when you're not drunk


Gloop the green lion instead of plucking goose grease, I always say.

Can we delete this and start a new one. :?


We were told to post "freely" on this thread. Is that what the OP meant?

Pict's Home in his wheelhouse

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I wonder about myself possibly going the same direction of Roger "SYD" Barrett. Enjoy the Big game everyone.


No translation link???

...I was going to make this a sticky topic for game day, but it's gong show quality has me thinking twice....

I've seen it time and time again, post in any Hamilton game thread and you're shunned out. Good enough for ya. :stuck_out_tongue:
Go Calgary Go woooooooooo :rockin: