Grey Cup Haltime Show

Fallout Boy will be the halftime act for Grey Cup

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How about a 4th option of I don't care. If I like the act they pick I'll watch and if I don't I won't. If FallOut Boy is what they think will get younger fans watching the actual game then give it a try.

The game is what matters to me.

Agreed, the halftime show is not a big sell for me. But reading comments on other articles, it seems to be getting panned.

Who are they opening for... Radioactive Man? :lol:

Edit apparently their band name came from the Simpson's sidekick
When a band from Chicago was playing at a local concert, they asked the audience for a suggestion for a band name. Somebody screamed “Fallout Boy? (referring to The Simpsons' Fallout Boy). The band chose the name and stuck with it. In many interviews, the band says how the name "Fallout Boy" was an idea from a fan and is a superhero sidekick from The Simpsons. Fall Out Boy has been a band ever since.

Been several years since Fall Out Boy was relevant. Was Nickleback already booked? :cowboy:

Guess I am becoming more and more in the "who cares" crowd as I get older.

I have always felt that since the Grey Cup Game is a Canadian Icon and as such the Halftime entertainment should at least be Canadian. Barring that, if you must bring in a foreign act, it should at least be an iconic act.

If the CFL insists on bringing in "unknowns", are there not plenty of Canadian "unknowns" out there?

The Grey Cup Game is a Canadian showcase, what is so wrong with showcasing Canadians.

I am sure somebody will suggest that Fall Out Boy is not an unknown but not to most, I would suggest.

That song they got out right now drives me nuts every time I hear it on the radio. I'm not sure of what the title is of it, but the chorus is a blatant ripoff of the old TV show "The Munsters". It's one of the most annoying songs I've ever heard in my life and plagiarism at its finest. I guess that if your 13 or 14 yrs old then Fallout Boy is a great choice (right up there with the Bieb) as a halftime show. I'll most likely be freshening up my drink and getting another bowl of chili at halftime anyways and muting the TV in the process , so it doesn't really matter to me who plays at the intermission of this years game.

FallOut Boy is a great choice. They have had their music pumped into NHL arenas for the last few years. Probably have heard there music played at CFL games as well. Far from a no name act. Latest album is already a success internationally. I think they are on to their 6th album.

I think it speaks volumes that the CFL Grey Cup half time show has been able to get some strong international Acts to play the half time show.

In reality on this form, the half time acts chosen rarely get any positive comments unless they are a band from the 60's or 70's.

FOB, bingo all the way Winnipeg, nice, extremely cool stuff all the way. !!! :thup: :thup: :thup: Just WOW!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Great band for the Grey Cup, new young, attracting a young demographic, and I like them!

I don't know, should the half time act be more relevant than the game itself? because that's what you got here.

The game is the most important thing in my mind but let's face it, the Super Bowl and commercials and half time show is bigger than the game in many respects. Correct?

Is there a single game event in the world bigger than the Super Bowl? The Grey Cup is relevant to Canadians only. I get the need for a big name act, just saying.

I used to get all twisted about the half time show but I'm firmly in the "I don't care camp" now. There have been a few exceptions in the past 15 years but the act usually is targeted to the 12-34 demo...which I am very much not in. While I acknowledge it's impossible to please everybody with the choice of a half time act, I feel that lately the choices haven't pleased much of anybody...kind of think the different host cities have lost their way on this issue.

I get the approach to the "younger, hipper, audience of tomorrow" strategy but a good percentage of the crowd in the seats is NOT in that demo...and the grey hairs end up escaping to the beer lines to avoid music they clearly don't enjoy. Perhaps the band is more for the TV audience? Maybe, but would someone tune in for the game just to hear Fallout Boy? Doubt it.

Given Winnipeg's rich musical history, I'm disappointed the organizers didn't lean on one of the many legendary artists that have emerged from the 'peg but perhaps Ray St. Germain was already booked....who am I to say?

Regardless, whatever GC party I'm at I'll use half time for the important stuff like a quick trip to the biffy and then the visit to feed table in search of some good chili and another fine IPA.....Fallout Boy can fall wherever and however they like...rock on kids!

Brutal choice. If you're a young person being told this is a cool band young people like, they would laugh in your face.

They are a band that had their peak quite a few years ago, and their peak wasn't that high. Mediocre for their genre at the very best, no memorable songs, and I think the one guy that was kinda known in the band isn't even in it anymore. I get going for the youth demographic, but the young fans of this band several years ago aren't fans anymore. A real head scratcher for sure. Possibly a worse choice than Default. I'd like to know who makes these decisions, and how I can get their job.

They won't attract the "youth demographic". This is band long past their 15 minutes of mid-level fame, They're basically known as that band that had that guy that Jessica Simpson's sister was married to. That's it.

It could have been worse.
I'm alright with this pick.

Although, I'll be in Jamaica during this grey cup. First I'll miss since 2004. That says something about the quality of football this year, as I didn't feel the need to wait until after the Grey Cup to get away as per usual.

I actually really like Fall Out Boy. I'm in my early 20s, and I really enjoyed their music when I was in middle and high school. I even recently got their new album. Immortal is my favourite song off their new album - you might have heard it from Big Hero 6 (a great little animated movie you should all watch. :stuck_out_tongue:).

I also really liked Hedley and Imagine Dragons, so these last few years have been great for me. My team makes it to the GC back to back (though they lose both...) and half-time shows I enjoy. They seem to be choosing good half-time acts lately for my demographic... minus Beiber, lol.

That being said, my fiance doesn't like Hedley, Imagine Dragons, or Fall Out Boy (not that he can even name a song from any of those bands, and I think he has Fall Out Boy confused with another band)... He's into heavier rock stuff. You're never gonna please everybody though. I'm actually pretty easy to please; I like a wide variety of music.

But note to CFL, if you want to continue to please me every year, I can send you a list of some more bands I like... In return for my musical tastes, the Ticats win the Grey Cup. :wink:

Voted for "what's a fall out boy"

Anyways, I'm just happy they found someone that actually wants to go to Winnipeg. I'm sure there was alot of begging being done.
Damnit.. BOBO can I please take the avatar down now. Please!!!

Yes....compared to Hamilton who can't or didn't want too host a Grey Cup, because they don't have enough hotel rooms :roll:

:D[b] Should have been either Justin Bieber or Don Messer and his Jubilee! :wink: [/b]