Grey Cup Halftime

Just a thought. How about for the halftime show at the Grey Cup, the CFL try to get The Tragically Hip? (If they haven't already) If Gord is still feeling well enough for it, it would be a major coup for the league. The band obviously garnered a lot of attention over the summer and it would be great to see a Canadian act on stage again.

It would certainly garner huge attention. I'd be a bit worried it might overshadow the game, though, especially if Downie's condition were to worsen quickly or if he were to pass away just before.

Exactly. I don't know how long he has left or the status of his condition. That's the big IF in this deal.

I can see the appeal. Tragically Hip being the ultimate Canadian band and the Grey Cup being the ultimate Canadian sporting event. I’d be concerned about the CFL being seen as exploiting a serious medical situation and also putting a pall over what should be a celebration of football in Canada.

Aqualung, I think they would be exploiting the vast appeal of the band across Canada. I don't think they would be exploiting his medical condition. Ultimately, it would be Downie's decision whether to go or not. There could be donations/awareness for cancer research included in the event.

The Hip played in 2005 at the Grey Cup in Ottawa. Time to move on maybe Drake or Fifty-Cent, Rihanna, they need to attract some young viewers.

For the love of god, noooooooooooooooooooooo

Please NO! don't need those POS playing at our game.

Get someone respectable, with class.

So stupid to bring in guys and women who are questionable personally and morally

The problem is there aren't any good artists performing right now. Most of the bands or silly acts like Drake/Rihanna/Bieber are not talented so you will not get a strong following. If little kids you interested it aint gonna work That boat has sailed in pro-sports.

If they are to get a big act it would be U2 or the Stones

Um, yeah - they're not getting U2 or the Stones.

If they want a good Canadian rock band that the millennials would like, I would go with Monster Truck or The Glorious Sons.

It should be a Canadian act. Shania Twain was epic.

Twain is retired.

You want to kill your TV Audience at the half, get Drake

I predict they're getting them both. Bono-Jagger duet, man. And Doug Flutie on drums!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Drake is a Rogers guy i.e. Raptors and Jays supporter, doubt he would perform for the Grey Cup and the CFL.

An all-Canadian Goth halftime; Skinny Puppy and Ayria. 8)

You can tell there are a lot of 50 and 60 year old males in this thread. Drake not a talented, yeah right. He is talented, extremely relevant, popular with critics and fans alike. The league and the Argos should be doing everything in its power to bring him or someone of similar stature to the 2016 Grey Cup halftime show.

I am so glad the posters here, many stuck with late-70s to early-80s sensibilities of what constitutes "great music," will not have a say in the choice for the halftime show. I'm sure if it was up to you, we would get some dinosaur, low-talent act like Loverboy or Trooper performing that would drop ratings by 50%. But hey, as long as the out-of-touch folks are happy I guess that's Ok right?

The Last Word

Terrific idea. Might be expensive, tho.

For the record, I am NOT 50 or 60. I am 49 and a 1/2. :wink:

As for Drake, I heard some of his stuff and I listened with an open mind. I thought it was nothing special.