Grey cup halftime show

Burton Cummings is playing pre-game which is awesome, I have always been a B.C. fan and was saddened when he didn’t play the first night of the Jets.

As for Beiber, I am not a fan but you must admit, he has not let his new found stardom go to his head. When people say their dream is to meet him he shows up, I give him full respect for that. Too many “look at me now” acts let it go to their head.

It's going to be funny ..grown men all across the country watching Beiber lip sync.

OH OH have a glass door leading to the field ... will be hilarious watching him walk right into it !!!

LOL Post of the year.

I'm glad they didn't schedule Justin and Anne Murray. The two cannot co-exist in the same place at the same time:

They are the same person... in a time/space continuum. They're like John Elway and Silken Laumann meeting each other. As Stephen Hawking and Al Einstein say, it can't happen!

A UFO would have to descend on the Grey Cup and suck one of them up in a vortex.... while Gordon Lightfoot's jaw hit the floor!

Now THAT would be a halftime show!

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