grey cup halftime show

it seems by tsn that justin bieber is performing at the halftime show what a joke how many little girls are going to be at the game .how about some real artists that real football fans would like

It's not just the Biebs.

There's a nice mix for everybody

The Canadian Football League is offering a diverse mix of performers for the halftime show of the 100th Grey Cup.

Teen heart-throb Justin Bieber, singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot, pop-rock group Marianas Trench and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen will perform at halftime of the league's championship game Nov. 25 at Rogers Centre, the CFL announced Saturday.

Country artist Johnny Reid and rocker Burton Cummings will headline a special kickoff show before the game.

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You obviously didn't look to hard, there are 4 acts preforming at halftime.
Justin Bieber
Carly Rae Jepsen
Marianas Trench
Gordon Lightfoot

You may not like them but they went with an all Canadian line up, and mixed the styles up pretty good. This is a no win because people will always complain so I think they did a pretty good job. They also have different acts preforming at kickoff.

Lightfoot is very appropriate, since he played at the first Grey Cup one hundred years ago.

Justin Bieber is a huge world wide sensation.
I have no use for it but there are many millions of young fans that will want to tune into the game just for Bieber.
I would think that this is just what the CFL and TSN want, millions of young viewers who would not ordinarily be watching, making their parents tune in and both will be watching because he is performing.
It is all about putting the best possible event to draw as many new fans to the CFL as they can.
It's called promotion and it is something this league and TSN are taking very seriously.
Think about it. Getting a whole new younger generation to watch CFL Football.
Getting Bieber is a real positive for the 100th Grey Cup in T.O. and the league.
The rest of the lineup is also awesome.

Uh...Not terribly interested in this years half time show...

Organizers know that middle-aged men who are interested in the CFL don't need any added incentive to watch the game, and middle-aged men who don't care about the CFL won't be enticed by a halftime show. Therefore there is no business case for booking bands that appeal to middle-aged men. The halftime acts are booked with an eye towards attracting viewers outside the established fanbase. And yes, I realize there are males and females of a wide range of ages that watch CFL football, but I think there is some truth in stereotyping a large chunk of the established fanbase as males aged 25 to 55.

Made my post before I read this. Pretty much agree.

Trust me, the millions or trillions of young girls wanting to see Bieber perform at the Grey Cup, won't be "tuning into the game". They will be "tuning in to the half-time show" and the half-time show only. The rest of the time they will spend texting.

I'm pretty sure they will also be texting during the halftime show. :wink:

But they might be tuning in a bit early to make sure they don't miss any of Bieber's (or Jepsen's, Marianas Trench's,...) performance. And most of them don't live alone, and there's a chance that maybe a few of the other people in those households will get hooked by the football at the end of the first half while waiting for "the show" to start, the other acts, or the first half highlights. Or they just forget to turn the TV off. Bottom line, there may be a few people pulled in by the half time show who end up sticking around to watch the second half. And that's a good thing.

hey makaveli i had just heard of the one act on tsn i wasn't looking to see who else was so your sarcasm was not warranted so if you don't have anything good to say don't

The worst half time show ever at the GC was the Black Eyed Peas in Edmonton a few years ago it was horrible!!

The majority of people watching the Grey Cup are not football fans, they just tune in to watch the yearly event so expect something different.

Not sure if it was just a matter of my musical taste, if they were just off that day, or if they are just horrible live performers, but I have to agree that their show (in Vancouver, not Edmonton, by the way) had to be one of the worst in my opinion. There have been a few that I didn't enjoy because they weren't my style (Shania Twain, Dan Hill / Celine Dion), but at least I recognized that they had talent. I couldn't say that about the Black Eyed Peas that day.

I suspect Justin Bieber will fall into the "not my style, but has talent" category. He kind of reminds me of Rene Simard in that regard. Talented, but no thanks. I'll probably just take the opportunity during his set to head to the kitchen for a bite to eat.

Just be thankful that they didn't sign Deadmau5 as the lone act. Quite popular with late teens and 20-somethings, a key demographic the league would love to capture. But many of the older football fans in the audience would be totally turned off to the point they might start booing. I could be wrong. (And apologies to any Deadmau5 fans here. I just call it like I see it.)

What sarcasm...
I told you who was preforming and why they aren't such a bad act...

it was obvious when you said you didn't look too hard

I wasn't being sarcastic, you obviously didn't look very hard before you made that post.

They really should have had a cross section of Canadian music. Start with the Arkel's, then Blue Rodeo, then Rush does a song and last Gorden Lightfoot.
This is a record company buying out the half-time show and not considering the whole demographic of CFL fans that are out there. :thdn:
Too bad really, it could have been a great time to show off our Canadian musical chops!

How is this not showing off our Canadian music?
If you ask anyone who the best known Canadian singer is they will say Bieber.

I'll check out the halftime show and if it sucks I'll spend the time shooting the sh!t with the others and drinking some more beer at the party.As for the line up hey it is a Canadian line up which is a good thing. I understand what they are trying to do you have got to get some younger fans into the CFL so what the hell maybe there will be some good music,it can't be any worst then The Black Eyed Peas half time show from Vancouver I remember that game,the first thing I heard from someone when it started was WTF is this sh!t? :lol: