Grey Cup halftime show was terrible

The Grey Cup halftime show was terrible, atrocious, abysmal. Just like last year. Who decided that a band popular with 14-year-old girls would be proper entertainment for a championship football game? Any half-decent bar band in the country would have been a better choice.

Who picks the halftime entertainment? Whomever that is, he is either completely out of touch with football fans or doesn't care about them. I'm guessing the latter. I'm guessing that there's some marketdroid somewhere thinking that they can boost viewership by a point or two by booking these teeny-bopper bands.

CFL - please, please, PLEASE - fire this guy. Your core fans like rock, country and blues, not this crap. Bring back Nickleback, BTO, Loverboy, Northern Pikes, Tragically Hip. Put Alan Boyle up there and let him crank out "I've Seen A Little" and I bet he wont get booed like Justin Bieber did last year.

Please give us bands that aren't playing for the cheerleaders.


I thought they were good!,,!! And I am probably a lot older than you are. Much better then Beiber!!

It will never be better than the guess who. :thup:

Wait, now people want Nickelback?

Bingo! :thup:

I have seen very few good half-time entertainment shows that for me have really been entertaining and added value to the over all entertainment of the night. I've seen one or two over the years but that is about it. Not sure why they bring in the kind of entertainment they do these days. I watched the Grey Cup but didn't watch any of the half time show. I could just make some of it out from another room and didn't think I'd regret missing anything. Sounds like I didn't! :thup:

I thought it was a great choice, they did a great job for the half time show kudos to the one or persons responsible for getting Hedley.

So next year why not a Big U.S. college marching band to entertain at halftime


All halftime shows stink. The fans at the stadium are cold and don't want them. The fans at home don't want them. Just have a regular halftime and bring back the football.

I will miss you CFL. It was a terrific year.


So... Was Tom Hanks at the game?

Absolutely, I was at the dome last year and that was horrid.
Today I enjoyed and also the guys before the game the Dogs or whatever they were called.

I'm sorry... what do people want? The 60s were influential but they're over...

The pre-game and half-time were fine...


%^ing awesome!!!

I disagree. Hedley sounds like.....something one would listen to and watch on one of those all too common singing contest tv shows on network television these days. Yuck.

Were the Sheepdogs too expensive to hire for the halftime show (they were fantastic in the pre game) or were the halftime show organizers hoping to appeal to the 12 year old and younger demographic (for the second year in a row)?

The Sheepdogs would have been great for the halftime show.

Why is the CFL ignoring their fanbase and booking boy bands for the Grey Cup?

Hedley put on a great halftime show, and I don’t even like them. For anyone to say differently, you’re just complaining for the sake of complaining. The Sheepdogs were good in the pre game as well. I wasn’t a big fan of the choice when Hedley was announced, but they exceeded my expectations by quite a bit.

Pre-game was great, the Sheepdogs are a great band. Half-time stunk it up. The very fact that the Snowmobile stunt jumpers were more interesting then the band should say something.

What gets me is that there are ample, better “modern” Canadian talents they could have gone with. I mean, I get maybe the Arkells and Monster Truck might not be appropriate given the visitors are the Ti-Cats and both are from Hamilton, but the Sheepdogs doing the halftime show, Great Big Sea, the Barenaked ladies, City and Colour, Finger Eleven, Rush, Metric and while he’s not young even Neil Young at his age would have been better.

Hedley isn't my favourite but to say the half time show was horrible is ridiculous. The stunts on the snow mobiles were awesome. About a million times better then last years.

It boils down to how much the band's music label is prepared to pay the Grey Cup organizers for the right to perform in front of an audience of 6 million Canadians. You can't buy exposure like that...but I guess in this case they can. Last year it was Beiber performing, along with Carly Jepson and Marianas Trench...who just happen to be signed to Beiber's music label and were releasing new albums. Coincidence?

I actually thought it was the best 1/2 time show in years and before tonight I never even listened to a song from Headly (sp?).

The fact that they needed snowmobile stunt people to distract from the bubblegum pop shovelware being "musically" played....well, that pretty much says it all.

I hope next years Grey Cup halftime show does NOT involve Milli Vanilli or Marky Mark.