Grey Cup Halftime show: Let the complaining begin!!

To be honest, though they're not my cup of tea, I don't actually hate or fear the band. I would even say that all the hate is a sign of their popularity. If they were merely a sucky band, they wouldn't be popular enough to generate that much antipathy. They still relatively current, and they're popular, so this is probably a pretty good choice.

Oh, and it's funny that the Riders @ Esks thread had fewer views and fewer posts in a couple hours than this one got in only about 20 minutes.

it is still better than what they had either last year or the year before(I forget which year it was) where they had some band come out that was older than the grey cup itself a band so old they bordered on the archaeological. At least nickelback has done something in this past decade other than not die

EDIT: It appears the reason I can't remember which of the last two years did this was because both of the last two years had halftime acts that fit that criteria

No one is worse than them!

you know I disagree 100%, BTO was fine. I enjoyed their performance and was glad it was them, so there! :thup: :thup: :thup:

one extremely good reason why it shouldnt be NB

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Surrey RCMP stopped the Alberta-born rocker in the wee hours of June 22, 2006, after watching him blow down a Surrey street at an estimated speed of 160 km/h in his $175,000 Lamborghini

too bad they couldnt lock him up and throw away the key.


Well choke my chicken. I would not give a plug nickel to hear those guys. Good thing I brought my ear plugs. I'll be using them for sure during half-time. That or standing in line to use the toilet.

Nickelback? Oh gag!

I remember when Shania Twain did the half-time show. She was fabulous! Not only is she beautiful to watch, she has a great voice. She brought tremendous energy to the stadium with her entertaining.

Nickelback? :thdn: Yuck!

Here's an interesting aside~

Google "Crusade swells against Nickelback for Detroit Lions game" Nay sayers on the forum here are not alone. lol

They could be a thousand years old, as long as there sound is still among the best, which it is.

I think Chad will be to drunk by halftime to do any singing .

would anybody notice??

Call it the Nickelback-lash, but these guys seem to court as many haters as fans - possibly more. Detroit Lions fans want no part of the band for their Thanksgiving Day game.....yet they're deemed an appropriate choice for our Grey Cup??

I am shocked by this selection!


from what I could gather, detroit fans were mostly disturbed by the fact that they were not a local band. Apparently there is loads of talent in and around detroit. who knew.

I can agree with that sentiment, and I for one am glad that the league actually chose a Canadian band to play (even if I`m not fan of them...) They get bonus points in my mind for at least having someone who has been to a Grey Cup as a fan - how many acts have had that?

im not a fan of nickleback, but i think they are a good choice for grey cup halftime.

Aah... I missed you, annual halftime should be someone else thread. <3

I dunno what I'd do if people ever realized that no act will please everyone and that making the same complaint every year is pointless. :stuck_out_tongue:

would you guys rather go back to having Love Inc. and Parablegics for the halftime show?

I didn't think so. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not a nickelback fan but i think this is a GREAT pick... They are Canadian, they are just pure rock that will get people jumping and not some slow band... i saw them at the closing ceremonies and they were great!

Also, what if organizers were able to get some of the biggest stars on the planet for the halftime show, such as Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber...

Would you all be happy then?

I think not. (I know I would not be!)

You can't please everybody. :?

They're still massive so it's no surprise.

Would like to see Danko Jones some time, those guys party.

I agree. I'm not a fan either, but they are a good rousing choice. It's also semi-appropriate given what's on the back of a nickel and the debate over beavers and bears. :lol:

I long ago learned that many of the people that love to hate Nickelback have no idea why they feel that way. They'll usually say something like "they suck", or some other trendy but meaningless put down.

FACTS about Nickelback:

• Has been nominated 7 times for the American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Band/Duo/Group and won twice

• Has been nominated 8 times for a Billboard Music Award and won 6 times.

• 6 Grammy nominations

• 28 Juno nominations and has won 12

• 15 MuchMusic Video Awards and won 7

• MTV Video Music Award for Best Video from a Film (2002)

2 People's Choice Awards nominations - won in 2006 and nominated again in 2011

• Won World Music Award for World's Best Selling Rock Artist in 2006

• Record of the Year Award in 2008 for Rockstar

2 Canadian Radio Music Awards - 2011 Fan Choice Artist winner, nominated for Song of the Year

• Total of 32 awards and 71 nominations

• Is based out of Canada. The band has never moved to L.A. like so many others usually do.

You might not like the band's themes and messages, which often focus on partying and sex, but you simply CANNOT argue that they aren't well liked or even loved by many. This band is a polished rock band that clearly knows how to sell itself. If nothing else it should be celebrated on that basis alone. Claiming it's "derivative" is simply a meaningless argument because ALL music is a derivation of something. The rock genre stopped being totally original 40 years ago.

I for one, even though I don't buy Nickelback albums or go to its shows, will enjoy their performance. Maybe they'll play "Something In Your Mouth" (but I doubt it).

lol, please, rock is in every genre of music today, just because you don’t hear it on mainstream radio doesn’t mean it’s not out there.