Grey Cup Halftime show: Let the complaining begin!!

Our worst fears have come true! It's Nickelback!


Bring it on.....Vancouver 8)

Oh no. This is Bad!! Nickelback for Grey Cup half time is not right.


Looks like I'll be doing something else for half time!

Can it be worse than the Black-Eye peas!!!

We can do like Lions fans and start a petition.
I would have liked Prince and Maurice Day and the Times... Oh well.

At least the BEP are a party band.

Better than some Hip-pop or Rap crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, but they damn near ruined the Super Bowl...they were awful....

They don't sound great without the post-processing that's for sure.

LOL...that was painfully obvious!

Is Nickelback still playing the halftime at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day game?

Or have they been "petitioned" out? :o

Not a fan, but better than hip-pop or rap or (shudder) Justin(I ain't no Daddy!!!!) Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Captain and Tennille booked?

I think they are over 1000 signatures... Sounds like bitter old Motown fans to me. Give them Diana Ross LOL !

It could be a lot worse. Looks like they tried to strike middle ground.

I was hoping for Gordon Lightfoot myself. :slight_smile:

From Hanna Alberta...Rock on Vancouver :rockin:

Nothing wrong with the choice. I don't have any of their albums but they are big name, entertaining and Canadian. No matter who they choose, someone will beoatch so let it ride, I say.

Anyway, Busy pulling the ribs out of the smoker at half time :slight_smile:

WAAAAAAH!!!! Whoever you would have chosen, there would be someone else as whiny as you complaing. Get over it.