Grey Cup Halftime show getting massive praise and publicitiy

If your a twelve year old girl I suppose.

hmmmm. you are thinking of pop music. dont think 12 yr old girls are one republic. must be fun just to think and say anything without any knowledge.

this will be one of the biggest grey cup half time acts in history. great for the CFL. when MTV mentions it you know the show is a good one.

good job on the cfl

One Republic is pop music.

Mtv is garbage

Yes & yes.

by hiring garbage acts like one republic it allows the real fans to leave the TV, get some food, hit the bathroom, get some beer, maybe a dram of single malt, and get back before the start of the third quarter.

in contrast it will allow all the kiddies to watch the halftime and stay out of my hair.

i mean if they selected someone good, like the hip, pearl jam, chilli peppers, tom petty, or any of the other good touring acts, when would I have time to do what I mentioned above?

bubble gum pop acts for halftime allow bubble gum children to watch while the rest of us can take a break.

Access Media joins the throngs of One Republic fans around the world:

Gonna be a hot half time show!!!

Yes but it's about ratings, no doubt TSN can get some revenue from advertising to the kids that tune in for the half time show. I doubt any of the onerepubic fans will actually watch the game. The ratings will spike for the half time show.

I feel like I'm getting a zit ... better get some more Proactive!

Uh huh , Yup, twelve years old...........or under....They're sooooo Cool !!! 8) :lol:

Check out Mom and Dad , uh huh , Yup , huge fans.......They're sooooo Cool !!! 8) :lol:

Rock out with your **** out!!! :rockin: