Grey Cup Halftime show getting massive praise and publicitiy

One Republic new album is outstanding and in Las Vegas they had a interview at Bellagio and they mentioned for upcoming month they are going to Canada to play in the Grey Cup.

Quick search and music fans on MTV even have mentioned the Grey Cup performance as well Iheart radio that it will be their first major concert since their return and will be used to highlight their new hit songs w/ video.

which is quite amazing for the band and for the CFL Grey Cup!

Future looks good for both the band and the CFL Grey Cup halftime shows.

Announced 2 full months ago. Why didnt you post your drivel in the Grey Cup Halftime thread?

If I could predict the future i would have.

Enjoy the half time show its going to be epic

Hey, for once I actually agree with you! Crazy times.

The usual forum complaining about every halftime show is old. The intention is to put on a show and generate interest in the broader media. They appear to be doing a decent job of that.

really ...

Well I guess they need mainstream stuff for the masses. I've never heard them. I'll never see punk in any of it's forms at a Grey Cup halftime. I still think The Dropkick Murphy's would kick arse.

One Republic is a rock band and they are 1 of the best 5 acts in the world. They play real music LIVE not like the terrible fake acts like drake, bieber, britney spears junk. One Rep ls on the level of the foo fighters, cold play, u2,etc sure they are not the rolling stones or the beatles but thats like saying bo levi is the next flutie.

If you like mainstream radio type stuff like might be played on Edge 102 in TO then they are fine. I just personally don't listen to radio much. I do listen to the punk show on Faction and underground garage on serious or however it's spelled. Better then Biebs and all that crap for sure.

:lol: Joke of the day.

...on the level of the foo fighters and such?!?
Yeah right.

"one of the best 5 acts in the world". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You have no idea what you're talking, as usual.

Thanks for the post! I'm really looking forward to this.

In the meantime, ignore the music snobs.

One Republic is no doubt top 5 in the world today. Note i'm not including them with the stones or beatles or mccartney or whoever that are legends. im talking about right now.

they have music that are played on 2 commercials and 1 of them was seen every commercial during the world series and you it has been on hockey night in canada on cbc's.

songs from album 2 of them are constantly played everywhere you go.

Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry say they want to move to Canada now. Maybe add them to the Grey Cup line-up too!! :wink: :smiley:

What metric are you using to determine they're top 5? I think they're a decent choice for a half time show, but their latest album only hit #1 in Taiwan.


A decently popular band, but top 5 in the world? No way.

cmon 5 acts? They are not one of the top 5 rock acts never mind acts period. Just looking at rock in no particular order here are but a few "bigger" that them right now...
Mumford and Sons
Foo Fighters
Modest Mouse
Twenty One Pilots
Imagine Dragons
Five Finger Death Punch
Vance Joy
Breaking Benjamin

Don't get me wrong, good band, but top 5...get real

aside from Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and maybe Imagine Dragons none of those acts are big right now. Not one.
Beck is great. but he is not in right now.

we are talking about biggest acts of today. If the Rolling Stones performed or when they release their album next month they still wont be the biggest act today. They are the best band of all time. But they are not a band of today.

Modest Mouse lol you joking? a bit late to the party with that one

AGREED BS at best,

You’re a complete joke. It is mildly amusing however, watching you pretend like you know what you’re talking about. “top five”, hahahaha