Grey Cup Halftime Show 2023

a football uniform fashion show

Dennis Casey Park singing the national anthem please. Would be a fitting end to the gong show at THF this season.

For those who didn’t stay in their seats in 2021 for half time - here you go:

Arkells at the 2021 Grey Cup

Thanks for this. It was really well done.

The rest of the night I try to forget.

Good times, good memories. Great halftime show.
I can watch knocking at the door performance over and over.

The Labour Day halftime band was Dwayne Gretzky, I loved their enegy and after watching them bought 4 tix for their Feb concert in Burlington.

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Wonder if CFL has started planning for this year (2023) Grey Cup half time show yet. It was a hot topic previously. Have to admit I didn’t like the rap-based one that happened (last year?). Just finished watching the 49th Superbowl one with Katie Pery. Not bad. Best in my mind was the Michael Jackson one. Wonder if we can get something along those lines.

Here’s a thread that isn’t 15 YEARS old…

ps: last year’s show was some form of “Country-Pop” that seemed to be thrown together at the last minute. Unwatchable.


Green Day!



Green Day - American Idiot [Official Music Video] - YouTube

]( › watch

I definitely concur with the song title . :laughing:

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Lol no kidding, i think it’s safe to start a new thread, we don’t need to use the 11 year old one.

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Finally a band with guitars that actually anybody older than 30 can enjoy.


Great choice. Should be a lotta fun.


My dream was always the Foo Fighters or Weezer but Green Day will do just fine.

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Bruno Mars would have been great , Sure beats Carol Channing, Anita Bryant, Up With People, or the Little Sisters of the Poor Marching Band .

When I heard it was a big name I was hoping for the Killers. But same, this will do.

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Good point. There were numerous posts about this year’s half time show in the 12 year old thread so I combined them with this thread and added 2023 to the thread title. I also closed at least a dozen ancient past half time show threads, both in this forum and the general forum.


Does Aykroyd still do the Blues Brothers revue? They would be great. I remember them performing at the Skydome in 1991 for a game between us and Argos… They got everyone up and dancing…

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But that was 32 years ago, would anyone remember.

Who are the blues Brothers?