Grey Cup halftime performer will be announced...


Let the speculation begin.

There is a thread on Facebook for a chance to win a pair of tickets if you guess correctly.

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My guesses are Chilliwack (I know!) or 54-40. My original guess was The New Pornographers, but they play in England the next day, so that seems highly unlikely.

I would think Our Lady Peace is a front runner.

I was thinking more local than a Toronto band, but you may very well be right.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett!! :cowboy: :rockin: 8)

How about the Headstones.

I mention them because of the new album. There is perpetual screams for RUSH, so that would be cool.

That said, New Pornographers is local and also has a new album out. Always liked them but could see them being overlooked just because of the name. the Riders scooped up Hedley last year, a local band that would be a pretty obvious choice otherwise. Guess there is always Trooper...don't see them as a half time headliner though. Monster Truck is on a pretty good tear right now, but they are on tour.

I believe nickelback played there last time, but maybe they will go to nickelback part 2, TODM...though my hunch is they will change it up as that was only a few years ago.

Is 54-40 still playing? they are from BC no?

yeah, that could be cool. Underrated band that they could probably get more economically than some others. They put on a great show, so it is a win for all.

The Grey Cup is going to be a flop this year. Braley has to go.

What does this have to do with the cup? it is about half time. Stop being a hate mongering troll!

Sorry.. Its just I had such high hope for this season with the new stadiums and the new TV contract.. I thought players were finally going to average 6 figure salaries and that the league would finally enter the 21st century.. To have Braley kill all of that by being a stubborn pigheaded fool, and then to have the CFL's greatest asset that saved the league in the 90s(its quality of games)suffer to the point where people actually think that 4 downs is a solution has all been very depressing. Braley has to go. He is hurting the league.. He is hurting the Lions immensely and after initially getting the Argos for free and recouping his losses with a government hand out. He is now hurting the Argos. The players getting the screw job this off season was no doubt his doing as well. The fact he is too cheap to pay for a marketing department is proof he was the reason the league would hurt its self so badly to save a few dollars..
This season could of been so amazing.. But instead is the season when the CFL forever failed itself. Its like a 28 year old kid who is packin his stuff to finally move out his parents basement. When the movers arrive however he starts a fight with his mom and says he's not moving out just to spite her.

we get don't like him, but it is beyond trolling, and has been for around a year now. make a Braley bashing thread and stick with that, this is beyond ridiculous and offensive to the numerous people that see that the good he has done for the league far out-ways the so called bad.

FYI...the Argos were NOT was transferred to him for dept owed because NOBODY ELSE WAS INTERESTED (aka take them or they fold entirely and you lose your loan you gave), which at the time was more than any CFL team would have sold for and more the ORB franchise fee was. As far as how he runs his clubs...suck it up...he can run them how he wants to. BC is turning a profit, and your damned straight he is running the Argos on the tight...he is sick of licking his wounds for this league, especially when he gets backlash from people like YOU who would clearly rather see him simply walk away and let the club fold! He is only interested in the Argos until a stable owner steps up which is not going to happen until there is a new facility. He's tried marketing, the league has tried marketing, and all that happens is attendance kept going down, even the season after winning a championship...sick of're damned right he is, but at least he keeps pumping money in to keep them going...that 10 mill he got for the 100th...whoopie fricken do...that covers losses since taking them over, now he is on his own for the few mil a year, and as for this years GC...after another city backed out he was the ONLY one who put his hand up to host it.

If you can't see that, whatever...but this is fn stupid already

He was offered 8 million for the team but chose to keep the team and run them into the ground. I will take your suggestion though.

Could be Nickelback again.

They have a new album out, live in Vancouver and there tour starts a week or two after the Grey Cup.

Should be Amon Amarth

They should go retro - Doug and the Slugs please. :rockin:

Heart would be a great halftime band especially with having Vancouver roots.

If they are going after the big half time ratings they need something like "Bieber" or "One Irection"

The censors will not permit such filth on Network television. :stuck_out_tongue:

[b]CFLDaily @CFLDaily #CFL announces that Imagine Dragons will be the 102nd Grey Cup Halftime Show.[/b]

Countdown to the traditional people saying it sucks and should be someone else in 3, 2, 1…