Grey Cup Half Time

Guess we haven't given much thought to this years half time show, I personally hope that the organizers pick an act that those attending will enjoy and not worry about using the entertainment to try to attract an audience that wouldn't attend otherwise. We have proven time and again that this doesn't work, entertain the football fans and forget about trying to please those who aren't football fans.

Some of the acts I would like to see considered, in no particular order:

The Stampeders
Stompin Tom Conners
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Ian Tyson
Grateful Dead(yes they are touring again)
George Thorogood
Hank Williams Jr.

They should ask the 8 people that actually watched the half time show,who they want.

Knowing Calgary, I assume there'll be some Hee-Haw involved.

Unless Nickelback are due up for a homecoming.

Once again the greatest Grey Cup half time ever and the one all others should try to emulate.

Yeah, I suppose your right, the last time Calgary hosted the Cup they had some obscure band from Winnipeg. Guess who that would be?

Skinny Puppy?

K.D. Lang?

Nickelback — the band nobody admits they actually like — would probably be a good choice. Of course, pleasing everyone is impossible. There will always be those who would rather see Rita McNeil duet with Ann Murray.

Oh the humanity!

avril with a stripper pole

How about Rita McNeil DUEL with Anne Murray? That could keep entertained for a couple minutes.....

oh my god!

I'd personally boo each of those choices!

that has got to be one of the worst options for a half time show of ANY sporting event!

I'd love to see Priestess play at halftime. But a metal band at the Grey Cup??? All the old timers would get upset about that.
Best to play it safe. Get Bryan Adams to play Summer of 69 and Kids Wanna Rock.

Has Sloan ever played half time? One of my favourite Canadian bands.

i cant imagine metal being any werse for the old times then watchign fergie sing like crap at the grey cup a few years back. or nelly fruity taco.

Then come up with other options.

What about having Ben Mulroney sing? :rockin:

Sass Jordan

April Wine, Rene Simard, Patsy Gallant, Guess Who reunion, Susan Jacks & the Poppy Family, Buffy St. Marie, Ian & Silvia.