grey cup half time wish

So, we haven't had a great half time artist since Lenny kravitz in 2007.....

With stone temple pilots on tour right now in support of their latest album, they might be available in November?

Between the lines, vasoline, big bang baby, trippin' on a hole..., interstate love song, etc....

Would be classic, IMO

Agree or disagree? Got a different artist or band in mind? Let's here it!

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Why do we need an OVER PRICED half time show? Bring on the Edmonton High School marching band. I go to Grey Cup for Football, not the half time show!

(I realize I spelt your instead of tour, but its almost impossible to edit a post from my blackberry )

Fixed it for you Drummer.
And I agree, STP would be a great choice.
But so would that marching band. I'm with Sportsmen, i think the Grey Cup should be about the football game, and very little about the other crap surrounding it.

How about Young Rivals from Hamilton? Highlight some young new Canadian talent rather than the old tried and true acts everyone has come to expect. These fellows really impress and rock it out. Another good act would be Metric.

I say IRON MAIDEN! They're also on tour, put on an amazing show and none of them are strung out on heroin.

I think the smaller acts should be playing the various events leading up to the big game, but the half time show should be reserved for the biggest band they can get.
The smaller bands would still get great exposure during grey cup week, but when I watch half time shows, I want someone who is well known and have millions of albums sold and can headline any world class festival. Stp co-headlined edgefest and bayfest in the last 2 summers.

I’m kind of curious, I can’t remember… has Big Sugar ever done the halftime show?

STP wouldn’t be bad. I haven’t heard them in years.

Doesn't appear so

[url=] ... rformances[/url]

I just found out that they got back together in April after being apart since 2004. That's awesome. They're one of my favourite bands, Canadian or otherwise.

Brothers and sisters, are you ready for the return of Big Sugar?

Greenday is touring right now aswell!

Greenday or stp!!

My wish list (they'll be pricey, but they have to make up for last year)

Canadian Bands
1)Tragically Hip

American Bands
3)Van Halen

I'm a little surprised they've never done it before. :? The Guess Who did the 2000 GC. Nice. :thup:

Thirded! Big Sugar at the GC would be awesome

The hip played the half time show in 2004, so I wouldn't want to see them again.

Default isn't very big, but nickleback would be a good choice in their home town of edmonton, even tho I'm not their biggest fan.

I wouldn't mind Nickelback. A lot of there newer stuff isn't spectacular, but it is catchy. I particularly like the song The Score uses for WWE. That's a fun song.

Why not have the cheerleaders from the two respective teams do a dance number? Its better than the suggestions that I have heard so far...

Didn't realize Nickelback was from Edmonton. That would be a great choice. STP are great for sure. There are a lot of great Canadian bands, everyone has personal choices of course.

U2, Green Day....

AC/DC is actually an Australian band.

Oh, and I thought Nickelback was from Vancouver, not Edmonton. (Their recording label is called "604 Records", and 604 is the area code for the lower mainland of BC