Grey Cup half time shows

Based on what I read, I thought Simple Plan was going to be the half time show but they will be in France that weekend.

I have no issues with TODM and look forward to the show but if they can’t make it, can I suggest a few other groups:

  1. Mitsou
  2. Andre Simard
  3. Men Without Hats (as suggested by Ravi on 13thman)

Cheers :lol:

I think people tend to make too much of the halftime show anyway. Unless you're like the NFL and have the money to turn it into a giant A-list spectacle, the short duration means that it doesn't matter all that much who is performing.

It's nice if you can include an iconic Canadian act, but not if you have to shake mothballs off them.

If they figure a band that appeals to a younger fanbase will help get some younger viewers tuned in who might not normally pay attention to the Grey Cup, and help create the perception that the CFL is at least a little bit "hip" then I say go for it.

You kids and your rock and roll music...

Now where did I leave those Edison cylinders...