Grey Cup half time shows

Onknight wrote:what a Boring half time for the grey cup
Theory of dead Man Come on ?
The CFL could do Better for half time show then a 3rd Rate Rock band..
How about Rush or another Real Canadian Band the Hip..

For once I agree with you! rush would have been a great choice! Look at the past grey cup half time acts - the hip, black eyed peas, nelly furtado, lenny kravitz, all of them (arguably) better than the one from the year before them! And this year it's theory of a dead man? Wow. That half time show's gonna ****!

I saw these comments from the Ticats vs Als thread and thought it deserved it's own thread. I agree with the above posters, the last several years of half times have not exactly turned my crank.

Too much emphasis is placed on the bands origins. Personally, I'd love to see George Thorogood do a half time show.

Every CFL half time show I ever remember has people critizing the choice in the band.

Over 50% of the people at the game won't have a clue who they are.

It wouldn't matter if those 50% don't have a clue as to WHO George is....his music is entertaining which is more than I can say for most of the other Grey Cup selections.

The Super Bowl get The Rolling & Stones Paul McCartney
we get Theory of a Dead man

Have they Ever Heard of Rush How about Brian Adams Gorden Lightfoot Blue Rodeo?
There where better Choices.

Always need something to whine and cry about eh?
You guys remind me of my kids

100% of the people in this household don't know who they are!!!

At least I’ve heard of them. I will admit to being underwhelmed (if thats a word) at the annoucement though.

But some of the other suggestions are underwhelming as well. The Hip would be fine, but they played in 2004…I think we can have more than one band. George Thorogood was relevant when? Was he ever? Not to mention I can’t stand the fella. And while Gordon Lightfoot and Blue Rodeo are great musicians and songwriters, they are not what I would consider good fodder for a half time show. Rush…I could get behind that (although to get the full effect of Rush, a 3 song set wouldnt do them justice)…but too many people hate them (something about Geddy’s voice being annoying)…not me…I’ve seen them about 7 times live.

Teenage Head plays at the Ticat party why not a half time show. July Black would be great that girl has energy. What about Hedly? Serena Ryder?

Who cares? Come on, I've seen TofD and they are excellent. Saw Suzie McNeil play with one of our favourites David Usher, she is super as well. Of course the wife just wants David Usher for everything, and yes, I mean everything! :wink:

People actually watch the half-time show!!!! That's why tv's come with remotes, swith over to SNF like most guys will, hit the can, grab some more beer and nachos, by that time it will be over and the game back on. :lol:

should have booked April Wine..
saw them at Gage Park this summer..still sound awsome
plus they are from Montreal

'Theory of a dead man'?..who? :roll:

As much as I like Rush, do you think this is a "PLOY" to get younger people involved in the game?

TOAD is a pretty good band, popular with the youth of the day. I am glad to see that they are choosing younger bands to play the Grey Cup.

Just because you don't like a band, doesn't mean that the rest of the world is in the same category again.

I think we complain just for the sake of complaining.

Someone above said the NFL gets the Stones and Paul McCartney. The Stones play the same old tired songs when they do things like this. Brown Sugar, Satisfaction are 2 of their 3 songs they would play.

As for McCartney, I'm more of a Lennon fan and don't like the Beatles at all.

See, everyone has their opinion and taste in music.

IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T WATCH! You have a choice!

I've never heard of the group in question and managed to see them on TSN's halftime show on Monday.
They were lousy interviews and really didn't seem all that interested in getting the Grey Cup Gig. I found them cocky and smart alecky. However, I'm getting old and don't care for their type of music either.

The league says they are trying to attract younger fans. A good place to start might be to stop blacking out games.

Reading most of the posts here, few of you are overly enthusiastic about this band. It would therefore behoove the CFL to approach a cross section of young people to find out what kind of entertainment they subscribe to, particularly if they want to get young bums in the seats.

I've mentioned here before that while I think it's important to attract more young fans, the older fans are just as important because in many cases it's the older fan who pays the freight on the younger fan's tickets.

Personally, I purchase 8 season tickets for family members by giving them financial gifts at Christmas time and designating the money for their season tickets. Since I can't attend games at IWS anymore, I do my bit this way. None of my children or grand kids are looking forward to seeing this band perform at half time. These kids are all up on current music and even humour me at times by saying they like jazz and blues. God bless em!


Theory of a deadman played at the Winnipeg greycup week a few years back and I got to see them in toronto at the phoenix a few months ago.They are a very good band and were brought into the music world by Nickleback. Another Canadian band! Yes Ignorance is bliss but not everyone like you doesnt know them so give them a chance!

They were brought in by Nickel back and have that same annoying sound as them well they both sound exactly the same. i cant stand either of them im young as well and can say all my friends and most young ppl cant stand them either they stink.

I honestly thought the Montreal Grey Cup was going to cart out Celine Dion… So this choice is better then that! But not much better… :rockin:

I'm glad they are going with a band that is more current. It sickens me to watch the Super Bowl trot out bands that were relevant over 30 yrs ago. The Stones, McCartney, Tom Petty (this year), like seriously. I hate Super Bowl halftime shows.

I, for one, am glad Theory of a Deadman is the halftime show this year.

Trying to Bring in Younger fans is fine but at The Cost of us Older ones Please.
Most older fan are ones with the Big Bucks for grey cup Tickets.
so they should trying to Make them as Happy as younger fans.
This bad won't do it if 28-45
TODM would be fine in 10 years when these young fans have money for more Costly Seats.