grey cup half-time show music

I think it is time the cfl get its pants up tight and get some real musicisians no more of those stupid pop music. Lets get it striaght football music is more like slayer and slipknot or maybe cradle of filth(or maybe not but}.The cfl is trying to be more like the nfl which it should not, they should show the nfl that what real music in the halftime show should be, loud and violent like the game of football.


Grey cup halftime music also has to portray the demographic watching the game, and as much as I would like to see guns n roses doing the halftime show, it aint gonna happen. if you get someone like brian adams or shania twain, everybody sort of likes them whereas if you get slayer, a few people will really like the show and everyone else will absolutely hate it. Plus you gotta throw in some canadian content.

Yep - gotta agree with Tvor. Demographics is everything when it comes to this. You have to find a way to appease the fans. For my tastes, I'd have no problem listening to Shania Twain (even though I can't stand her music) or something else a little "pop-ish" - they're a part of mainstream popular culture, and most people can stomach them, at least in listening to them for only 15 minutes or so. When you get someone like Slayer or Slipknot as you suggested, most people would not approve. They are not mainstream popular culture which would appeal to most demographics.

Ever played football? It is not intended to be a violent game. When you learn to hit and tackle, you learn to do it without injuring your opponent, and it usually works that way in a game situation. Why do you want violent music to "compliment" a game that is not intended as such, which would appease only a small portion of fans.

Here's a thought - let's bring in Raffi. He'd appeal to any four-year-olds who came with their parents. :roll:

As long as the act is Canadian, Billy Talent, Our Lady Peace, Nickleback all rock or if you want country, Shania (but thats already been done) Paul Brandt, Terry Clarke, many more country acts but I havnt kept up on that scene. In any case it should be something that symbolizes Canada like the game itself.

Playing some Slipknot or Cradle of Flith. I'd like that of course but most likely the others won't.. The new music of Slipknot doesn't have any swears but I just don't think they would play it because everyone has different tastes to music. But yeah, I think they should play what symbolizes Canada like Pigseye said. Some Billy Talent, Three Days Grace, Death from above 1979, Alexisonfire? Then the other canadian talent. Blahh. Music like that I guess. Also, I don't think they want a little kid remembering a Slipknot song and saying the lyrics to his mommy or daddy. You have to play different music, because you can't expect to have everyone go to the game to like one type of music. Everyone has different tastes. Rap, pop, country, rock etc etc.

Have they even announced who will be playing at half time yet.......

Who knows.. I'm predicting some crap rap maybe added on with some Shania Twain mixed in with some Godsmack? This being music for a Winnipeg Half-time show. For the up-coming one agaisnt Saskatchewan on the 10th in Winnipeg for the music during half time show? I have no idea. Banjo music?

Anything but rap crap…I don’t even know how they can call rap, music. I make better noise dragging my garbage cans out to the curb than some of that Rap Crap.

They should let the Glibermans in charge of the half-time show. Now THAT would be a show to remember.

That french kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna would look conservative in comparison..

or JANET JACKSON...............

My favs were............the GUESS WHO [CALGARY]




I just hope it won't be some darn signing cow-boy...

i'd like to see - i mother earth - reform with original singer, Edwin and play half-time at Grey cup!

swollen members, barenaked ladies, sam roberts, guess who, sloan, nickelback...i don't think any of them have played grey-cup yet.

but you can't get much better, in terms of BIG name canadians than bryan adams and shania twain.....but they've already done it.

Celine Dion never made it. But shhhhhhht… don’t say it out loud or someone could imagine it’s a good idea…

Maybe that new aussie country wester singer can do a Grey Cup HT. Why not?

Hmmm, If Celine did the Grey cup, we could sell Grey Cup Logo Ear plugs...

Bye everyone...Off to the patent office.....

I was told the CD did the show in 1991 or 1992.

Cradle of flith?
Never heard of them and I cant say I feel like I'm missing something.
Everybody Polka!!!!!!
a oneana twoana

I am pretty sure Sam Roberts played in Regina, right before Bryan Adams.
In my opinion most of the half time shows kinda suck, so I don't really care what they are. for me its just the time I use to go get more beer.

As for Slipknot. please no. can't say I have heard cradle of filth, but from the name I can't say I want to.

ro1313, how about Jeszcze Raz ? :slight_smile:

Sure :shock: