Grey Cup Half-Time Act Announced!!!

well, as heard from Dave, Blue Rodeo is performing the Pepsi Half-Time show during this years Grey Cup in Calgary.


i can't say that i'm excited.
IMO, Lenny Kravitz was the last GREAT half-time show.

i like the idea of voting which 3 songs the half-time act will play.
i hope this becomes a tradition.

Hmm. Gives me time to go to the bathroom, heat up some more snacks, and grab another beer.

Pretty much.

I've seen them twice in concert and these guys are awesome if you like hard great country folk rock. Great choice and glad to hear they are available to play! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I also liked last year Theory of a Deadman BTW. :thup:

I agree with Drummer. We've had only one good act in the last few years. Last year my brother and I switched to the Colts game while Theory of a Dead Man played.

Before that we had Lenny Kravitz, who was pretty good. Then before that, if I remember correctly, we had Nelly Furtado. I like a few of her songs, but she just didn't sound that good live...

I thought they wanted to pass on country this time around, but I must be thinking of some other event.

Anyone who doesn't think Blue Rodeo is a great choice, knows dick. Just MHO which means nothing BTW. No offense guys, as I say, just MHO, which I think is right. :wink:

:lol: That was good, Earl...

Thanks Chief and you are allowed to say I know dick, which absolutely could be the case as I down my 4th beer before I head down to IWS for the game.

Hey, it's like my wife who says she loves watching football players because of their tight arses compared with hockey guys she can't stand watching because they all look frumpy in those hockey pads and that. But some women would say she knows dick. :wink:

kekeke :stuck_out_tongue:

You better practice being sober, Earl. I'm not sure they'll let you in the stadium... :lol:

blue rodeo is soooo lame. this is retarded. seriouly, why can the cfl not get a good band to play the half time show?

Because it doesn't matter who they pick, there's going to be some people that dislike the choice. I remember they had the Black eyed peas a few years back who were just awful live.

i previously stated the the BEP show was the werst. but honeslty, blue rodeo?!?!? we want todraw more then average fans for grey cup and yet, they pick a band that was almost good 20 years ago. if they want to do that, go with trom cochran or Brian adams. Whyt not the tragicly hip? last years choices were way better then this. Did antyone in Canada say "i wish it was blew rodeo was playin the grey cup" ?

Crying Adams, seriously? I know the guy's Canadian, but that doesn't mean he's good... :lol:

im not sayin adams is good, im saying he is better then blew rodeo. and more relivant. and always was. this is a terrible choice. They might as well have signed K.D. Lang. last year wasnt spectacular, but it was a start on the way back up. More people will tune out then tune in to hear blew rodeo.

Blue Rodeo wouldn't have been my first choice.. but how about this guy...

If he did this song, his cover of the Beatles' Norwegian Wood and Sundown... would be a great halftime set...

...mine either to be quite frank (and I own a few of their CDs), looks like I'll be holding my bladder until halftime....

...for Mr. Lightfoot though I'd hold it a little longer....

Blue Rodeo isn't country. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the greatest act imo, but at least they are canadian. None of that Black Eyed Punks crap.

I am a huge Gordon Lightfoot fan but have you seen or heard him perform lately. He looks 100 years older than the u-tube concert you referred us to. Also, according to friends who saw him last year in Nanaimo, B.c. he was awful on stage.
He is a Canadian icon whose songs are spectacular . Let's leave this as our memory not an old guy past his prime who would embarass himself and not do justice to his impressive work. Long live Gordon Lightfoot's music but not live please.

:thdn: :thdn: