Grey Cup had more Viewers than SuperBowl..

So according to the statistics..

the SuperBowl had 6.025 Million

while the Grey Cup was recorded at 6.1 Million.

Grey Cup Wins! :smiley:

While I wish it were so, the Super Bowl number you give is for the English language broadcast only while the Grey Cup number is the combined TSN/RDS ratings.

I don't believe so, that 6.1 was not both.

your wrong...

According to BBM Canada overnight ratings, the game was watched by an average audience of 6.1 million viewers on TSN and French-language RDS.

did RDS show a french language broadcast of the superbowl?

thats a lot of people that have nothing to do on sunays.



Grey Cup ftw

That seems pretty crazy

If you look at the Super Bowl ratings graph, you will see a massive spike in viewership for the halftime show...that is the audience that is reported. The SB ratings drop off precipitously before and after halftime. The Grey Cup ratings graph is much more level, with fewer people tuning in specifically for the halftime show. So in fact, more Canadians watched the actual Grey Cup game than the SB game...while more Canadians watched the SB halftime show over the GC halftime.

All I know is I watched both and was glad I did. Although the Super Bowl had far too many commercials. On another note I thought CBS did a good job presenting the game. Until FOX and NBC years prior.

either way.. I'd say the CFL is alive and well here! nothing to fear really.

This is brilliant marketing by the CFL that the NFL can learn from. Get halftime acts for the championship game that havent been relevant in over 20 years and more people will watch the actual football game instead of the halftime show

well, no offense to Blue Rodeo, but it WAS Blue Rodeo.

I was standing in line getting my two beers.

In fact during the 05 Grey Cup with Black Eye Peas, where was I? Oh yeah...standing in line getting two beers!

During Superbowl, where was I? Oh yeah, standing at my fridge getting two beers. My stats shouldn't have counted because I was watering the flowers and refilling my mug!

I have always thought what was the point of the ridicoulous half-time show. I would prefer getting all the teams mascots out there battling each other in a cage match than watch some of the stupid acts that push our ticket prices up an extra $100.

What a great Idea, how about mascots in a cage match followed by cheerleaders mud wrestling. :rockin:

Great idea. I am also of the opinion that the half time show is an overblown money and time waster. Let the mascots and cheerleaders do some cheesy stuff. Then start the second half on time.

I have been to several CFL and NFL games over the years in different places. The best games I ever saw live was the Chargers-Bills game in 2008. What was so great about it? the power went out in the first half. So no TV timeouts, no in game promos, no replays, no announcer etc. Other than pissing in a trough in the dark with 50 other guys the game was great. the first half was over in less than 40 minutes. Man sometimes I wish I lived 50 years ago. I think it would have been great to see the Argos at varsity, bringing my own booze into the game.

You needed these numbers to tell you that? :expressionless:

Bet your wife wasn't happy about that...